My everyday life as an entrepreneur

My everyday life as an entrepreneur

The stations of my daily life for a fulfilled entrepreneurial life. My routine allows me to maintain my balance and well-being. To make sure I stay in BEING vs. HAVING.

Article originally published 12/10/17, additions added after GREEN was published.

My routine helps me stick with it high energy and high vibration rate. And this vibrational frequency is what the world, my customers and the people who follow me on the internet desperately need.

We need beautiful energies, positivity, to learn to see the glass half full again, to open ourselves to the fields of possibility, because:

  • We want to develop our businesses in the most beautiful way possible and that we work together on our own, creating beautiful, good, good and organic, among other things…
  • We attract those who look like us and those who vibrate like us…

And I could give you a whole host of other reasons. you and i know that To take care of others, we must take care of our own energy…

Between 2014 and 2015 I got lost. I’ve always wanted to show, prove that I can make a living as an entrepreneur, wife and mother. Completed ✅ But the disorientation, the stress and the tiredness woke me up.

I started by organizing a yoga session with the five Tibetans in turn every morning. With the proprioception of my body from my years as a fitness instructor and Pilates, I knew I couldn’t hurt myself.

Then revelations: During the February 2015 holiday, I read Miracles Morning and Arianna Huffington, back to back, specifically on the subject of sleep (both are on my inspirational books list).

I realize that in order to live well one must take care of oneself as a whole; Take care of my being and focus less on “having”. I didn’t doubt it, but going from “must”, “must” to “I get up earlier every morning to take care of myself”… sometimes it’s a world.

So here in all honesty: If my few tips for being happy and balanced help/inspire/motivate you right now, then I will be beyond happy.


My morning routine

I get up at 1:40 a.m., before everyone else, so at 5:30 a.m. At the foot of my desk is my yoga mat, along with a Buddha, stones, essential oils, and a feel-good atmosphere (this is also where I work when I’m not in company training).

Here is what I am doing, in order, during this privileged time of the Immaculate Silence:

  1. A large glass of water
  2. anchoring
  3. sun salutations
  4. Several yoga asanas depending on mood and feeling
  5. Guided or unguided meditation
  6. A second large glass of water
  7. Write in my notebook what I have planned for the day (check out how I keep my journal as an entrepreneur)
  8. lecture

Added on 8/28/20:dSince August 2019, Anne Uriot and I have been conducting a feng shui analysis of my office and home. I work a little differently in my morning routine, especially at the venue. I sit in my living room for my yoga and on my pink sofa for my meditation.

  1. Alarm clock: resolutions for my day and connection to joy.
  2. When I get up, I brush my teeth and tongue, then I go upstairs
  3. I pour myself a large glass of lukewarm water. Depending on the season, it is refined with half a lemon juice.
  4. Yoga: Since January 2020 I have been practicing a yoga routine developed by Blandine Ka, including breathing, to develop and integrate my strength. When the weather is nice, I go to my garden to practice.
  5. Meditations and discussions with my guides
  6. I write in my notebooks
  7. Second glass of water

In the Album of Meditations for Entrepreneurs, I guide you through meditations for quantum programming of the day, positive affirmations for starting the day well, or reconnecting with your mission. These meditations will easily fit into your morning routine as they are guided and accompanied by relaxing music, ideal for a pleasant start to the day.

Then I go to my bathroom and listen to RTS programs from 6:50 to 7:10, then I go to the kitchen where I prepare breakfast for my son. Then I prepare full of energy:

  • A shaker with: a banana, almond or soy milk and raw cocoa. Sometimes I add maca or matcha or mashed almonds or cashews.
  • When I lead a class, I also prepare a thermos of herbal tea: an excellent blend of plants, including thyme, for the throat and voice in the morning.
  • Addition from 8/28/20: My drink is always herbal tea or green tea. And I mostly eat fruit with a handful of almonds.

Integrate the meaning of your being into your business, live your business heart.

My end of the day routine

I always end my workday by updating my ToDo (on Trello) for the next day or days to come. With that I end my day and my little mill 😉

Then family time, food and discussion.

Between 8pm and 9pm I take a bath or shower. I’m draining my day, the tensions, anything that’s been difficult or tiring…all of that will gently go down the drain.

And I come back to my pink sofa, grab my notebook and write in it:

  • My assessment of my values
  • what i was
  • What I have learned
  • what I want to convey
  • I recognize myself
  • I give thanks to the people and energies of the day
  • I set my intentions for my evening and my night

I go to bed around 10 p.m. Otherwise it is impossible to get up fit at 5:30 am.


Routine from women entrepreneurs for my day

If you exercise me regularly, have you seen or heard that I have alarms on my phone. It is about breathing and moving fully and consciously. Put oxygen back in the blood, flush my brain and circulate energy.

Added on 8/28/20: I always program my alarms, breathing is the foundation of life (several Green Album breaths) and in addition I add a reconnection to my resolutions for the day and most importantly, joy. Joy is the way to keep your vibration high.

Every time I work at home/office I even go for a 30 minute walk. It’s like stopping the world. I don’t miss anything, I’m not more stressed…on the contrary, I’m more relaxed, it allows me to take a step back…I often find solutions and inspiration. And I come back to be much more efficient.

Added on 8/28/20: At the moment I have a lot of work and have also started swimming 3 times a week again. That’s why I go into the forest a little less. To make sure I’m grounded and stay grounded, I walk around my yard barefoot. In winter I do the tree exercise, if I’m not mistaken it’s Gi-Qong.

Sleep, water, air, exercise and food represent the weapons of the physical body without which soul and energy cannot thrive. Without this fabulous 120% oiled machine there is no hope of getting anywhere. I talk about it in the trilogy Vivre son coeur business – Green.

Treat yourself to a nice notebook with nice colored pencils or a quill. I use Paperblanks notebooks, they are magical! My youngest is Edgar Poe’s. It’s really motivating and inspiring to write about a gift you gave yourself. Is it a gem for you every day?

what can i add

If not to encourage you to find the routine that works for you, build this moment just for you. The life of an entrepreneur is rich and stimulating, but above all exciting and anything but a sprint. So, like any marathon runner, train and eat healthy in the truest sense of the word.


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