The worst billboard campaign ever produced by Uncommon La Réclame

The worst billboard campaign ever produced by Uncommon – La Réclame

A communications student would have done better.

In the world of communications, some topics present more difficulties for creatives than others. Among these, banking or insurance, for example, often represent a challenge, because by their nature they are not very visual or emotional – for the most part – and the goal is to make them attractive to the customer. This campaign, imagined by Uncommon for Hiscox, succeeds where many have failed: it pushes us to take a second look at the prints that comprise it.

In fact, one look won’t be enough for you, at least not if you don’t pay enough attention to what you see. Broadcast on billboards and digital billboards on the streets of England and in the press, this campaign claims to be the most disastrous campaign ever. And for good reason: between spelling errors, poorly installed posters or missing files, nothing works. The campaign is a real fiasco.

In any case it would be if all this were not voluntary. All these errors are at the very heart of this creative idea. Created for Hiscox, an insurance company specializing in professional risks (including Pro Liability for short), the campaign is based on the risk of making mistakes as a professional, but being ready to face the consequences, especially the legal ones. Protection that can never be too much.

One thing is for sure, this denotes “good in all respects” in the insurance industry! While making a razor-sharp topic interesting may well become a trademark of Uncommon, this isn’t its first attempt.

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