The latest social media features for the Community Manager starting July 24, 2023

The latest social media features for the Community Manager starting July 24, 2023

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On Twitter

Towards limiting the number of private messages for non-Twitter Blue certified people

Twitter is once again trying to increase the number of Twitter Blue subscriptions, this time by limiting the number of DMs non-subscribers can send each day.

As Twitter states, the main reason for this decision is to fight DM spam, which is also the main reason for its recent update that offers all users a new default setting, according to which only Verified users can send DM requests to people who they don’t. don’t follow them.

If you receive fewer direct messages, it’s for this reason, apparently to reduce the number of junk messages cluttering your inbox.

The lack of communication about this change has likely mitigated this issue, as most users likely don’t even know the new default has been implemented.

Now even users who are not signed up to Twitter Blue will have a limited number of DMs they can send each day.

Which probably won’t have a huge impact on most users. Twitter hasn’t specified the exact number of messages you’ll be able to send, but if you send more than 10 or 20 messages you could fall into the realm of spam.

On Instagram

New templates for creating Reels

Instagram tries to help users create better Reels, via making it easier to discover and use models based on short, high-performance clips.

First, Instagram is rolling out a new and improved template browsing process, which will allow users to search for templates from Reels in different categories, organized by “Recommended,” “Trending,” and previously saved ones.

This is a more centralized approach to using templates, which could make it easier to analyze key trends and formats and help you find more effective video approaches.

The new browser will be available in the reel creation flow, through the existing image gallery options, while you can also find the template browser by tapping the camera icon in the Reels tab.

Instagram is also trying to improve the template editing process, with new elements that will better map the creation flow.

“When you create from a template today, audio, clip count, clip duration, and AR effects will automatically be added to your reel. In the coming weeks we will also begin automatically adding text and transitions used in the original Reel.

The details will be fully customizable, but simply having a list of all the elements could make it easier to reuse each one and maximize the use of efficient formats.

These updates are in addition to Reels’ existing templating process, which allows Reels viewers to play popular clips by tapping the “Use Template” button while streaming.

Lord TikTok

Learn more about advertisers’ advertising campaigns

The social network has just updated his tool analysis of brand advertising campaigns in the European Union allowing you to find out more about:

  • the date of the first and last viewing of the sponsored video
  • the number of unique users reached

By clicking on one of the videos you can learn more about targeting:

  • sex
  • age
  • interests
  • geographic area

They may also be interested in these items:

Get the latest social media features for the Community Manager every Monday

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