The #Instagram Format Guide for Images and #Videos (2022)

There is instagram format guide presents the optimal technical specifications which will allow you to do this successful publication of your images or videos.

For example, you’ll know the ideal size and ratio for news feed photos and videos, stories, reels, and live streams.

You will also learn what are the tools available to convert your media in the right format.

Instagram Format: News Feed posting

Instagram format: image

When the platform launched in 2010, Instagram’s image aspect ratio was square, with a 1:1 ratio. This is the format we are most used to.

In 2015 Instagram introduced horizontal and vertical formats, the ratio of which is 1.91:1 and 4:5 respectively.

If today you are able to publish images in square, horizontal and vertical format, not all of these Instagram formats will be created equal in the foreseeable future.

Indeed, in May 2022, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announced the test a vertical newsfeed.

Vertical format images will likely become the norm in the news feed.

In case you haven’t taken the plunge yet, I invite you to do so adopt this format for your images and graphicsfor yours too Rides.

It’s here the best solution to present your content in the most captivating format possible.

You can find out the ratio and dimensions for each aspect ratio of an Instagram image below.

Instagram image Report Dimensions (pixels)
Carré 1:1 1080×1080
Countryside 1.91:1 1080 x 566
Vertical 4:5 1080×1350

Instagram Format: Video

Like images, Instagram supports square, horizontal, and vertical formats for videos.

The ratio and size for each video format can be found below.

Instagram videos Report Dimensions (pixels)
Carré 1:1 1080×1080
Countryside 16:9 1080×608
Vertical 4:5 1080×1350

Note that a significant change took place on the platform. Therefore, from 26 July 2022, all videos shorter than 15 minutes are shared as Reels.

So make sure your video is produced ideally for this format.. You will find the recommended technical specifications in a subsequent paragraph.

The maximum length of a video in News Feed is 60 minutes.

Instagram format : Story

The Instagram Story is a vertical, full-screen format that disappears from the platform after 24 hours.

Available in a dedicated carousel or directly on the account, the Instagram Story is made up of one or more clips/segments including an image or video.

The ratio and dimensions for the Instagram story are as follows:

Instagram Story Report Dimensions (pixels)
Image or video 9:16 1080×1920

Keep in mind that from the end of September 2022Instagram Stories shorter than 60 seconds are no longer split into 15-second clips.

If your video is longer than 60 seconds, you need to create a new clip separately (always no longer than 60 seconds). There is no automatic trimming between the first and second 60 second clips as with 15 second clips when the duration exceeded 15 seconds (previously 4 x 15 second clips for a maximum duration of 60 seconds).

Watch time is 7 seconds for an image.

Instagram format : Coil

The Reel is a full-screen vertical video, often accompanied by a music track.

Reels appear in a dedicated section of the main navigation menu, on the Instagram account and in Explore.

Although the Reel is basically a video format, know that today you can create a Reel from an image.

The optimal technical specifications of the Reel align with those of History, namely:

Instagram reel Report Dimensions (pixels)
Video or picture 9:16 1080×1920

When you design your reel, take particular care to maintain good visibility of all items presented : texts, stickers etc. In fact, your Reel will have less impact if these elements are masked by the many interface components. Determine a safe zone to help you achieve this.

The maximum duration of a Reel is 90 seconds.

Instagram format : Live

Live Instagram is a live broadcast that lets you interact with your subscribers in real time.

When it airs, Instagram Live appears in stories and on the Instagram account.

Currently, you can only do a Live Instagram from a mobile device. Therefore, the vertical format is the most appropriate for an immersive experience.

The recommended ratio and size are the same as for Reels and Stories.

Instagram live Report Dimensions (pixels)
video 9:16 1080×1920

The maximum duration of an Instagram live is today 1 hour (against the previous 4 hours).

Convert your images and videos to vertical format

It is increasingly relevant to take an image or make a video in its final publication format.

However, if you need to change the aspect ratio of your images or videos, there are several options (non-exhaustive list) available.

For picturesat most, use the Facebook enterprise suite : edit image > crop.

Change the format of Instagram with Business Manager

For videosyou have 2 options within the application, the first one gives the best results.

Option 1: Create a reel, select your video from the media library and use the Scale option to zoom the video to full screen. However, you won’t be able to reposition the video in the frame.

convert instagram video format with scale option while creating reel

Option 2 : or create a post in the appselect the video from the media library e enable the Scale option. Again, unable to reposition the video in the frame.

convert instagram video format with post mode scale option

If you want a a better check, consider a video converter online for example. Keep in mind, however, that in the free version you will often recover a watermark at the time of export.

In the end, if like me you have the professional version of Canva, choose the video template. Import your video. Therefore, use the resize tool with the dimensions 1080 x 1350 pixels and reposition your video.

convert instagram format emptied with canva's resize tool
convert instagram video format and reposition selection with canva
Canva: Reposition the video to choose the exact framing


This guide to Instagram formats for images and videos in 2022 voluntarily proposes the vertical format to particularly reflect the evolution of the platform’s news feed.

In some cases, you still have the option to post square or horizontal content in a vertical format, but that will be it black or colored stripes which will make your content significantly less attractive.

Many professionals have already made the transition to the portrait format. Because even though the vertical newsfeed is currently in testing, make no mistake: it will eventually roll out.

In case you adopt the portrait format, remember that theYour Instagram account grid is still square format for now. If using text, consider centering it or displaying it in a 1080 x 1080 pixel square safe areaboth for the good and for its coverage when this option is available.

It’s your turn

Which format(s) do you use today and why? What advice do you want to communicate to the blog community? Share your thoughts, advice or questions in the comments below.

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