The best programs to transcribe audio to text

The best programs to transcribe audio to text
Today I am going to teach you how to save a lot of time writing articles thanks to the best programs to transcribe audio to text in a very simple and fast way. With this you will know how to make audio to text transcriptions quickly and easily.

With an audio to text transcription program like the one you are going to see, you will be able to transfer voice to paper 100% free and online

There are a lot of conversion tools to transcribe audio text, but these two that you are going to see are super simple and very easy to use.

As simple as access the best audio to text transcription programYou click the record button and that’s it, you can convert audio to text and you will have your writing ready to copy to export to Drive, PC… in .doc, .txt format or whatever you want.

And not only that, imagine uploading the audio file and the program also being able to do an automatic transcription of audio to text for free, you will be able to achieve this with these 2 tools.

You may be wondering if the converter program to make audio to text transcriptions interprets the audios well, take a look because you will be surprised how well it does it.

Let’s see these two converters in detail

The best programs to transcribe audio to text

In this video I explain to you in a practical way how to use these 2 programs. I also explain it to you in writing, as you can see it is very short, so that you can start converting voice to text now.

It’s amazing how much time it will take you to write using a free online transcriber.

Note: The second tool in the video no longer works

Youtube video

This audio to text switch is super simple as I say, you click on the microphone and start transcribing audio to text. It is very easy to use, online, free and above all, it does not fail.

When we are going to write text we always want to do it very very quickly, when you have a blog for example, imagine all the content you have to create, with this transcription program you start talking and it instantly provides the text ready for copy.

Imagine how powerful this is to write an email or whatever you want, you will save a lot of time using a program that translates an audio file into text


If you take the test, you will try to see in an amazing way how everything you are talking about begins to be written.

It is a fantastic tool for editing audio to text that makes it easier for you to capture what you speak thanks to its commands so that you can use them directly while you speak, giving style to the texts you transcribe.

Try the free online transcription tool here :

If you want to use it from your mobile (app), it also has an application to convert audio to text that you can download

Audio transcription app

If you want a voice-to-text transcriber and use it from your mobile, you can use an app.

We always have our cell phone with us, surely an application will be more useful to you.

Google has also released its own audio to text switch and has an app, try it here

Which of the two is the better audio to text transcription program?

The first program seems to work a little better but the second, according to my tests, recognizes the audio better although it will also be a matter of seeing the options of each one, I tend to use the first one more.

Both are great for saving writing time and especially for uploading other audio formats and transcribing them into text.

As you can see, it is super easy to handle this type of programs, they exist and are very simple and effective.

You simply click on the microphone, copy the generated text or save it in your bookmarks option to have it accessible and use it later.

As I told you, it will be super useful for you to work day by day on transitions from audio to text, especially if you are someone who generates a lot of content.

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