The amazing new feature that Youtube is testing

Surely you have tried more than once Search Youtube for a song which you had in your head, but whose title you did not know and the task failed. It has happened to all of us.

Well, we have good news for you and that is that, soon, you will be able to find different songs on YouTube by humming the tune or singing the song itself. We explain everything about it new Youtube feature.

Find the song you want on YouTube by humming it

The same social network has announced that it is testing this new feature on various Android devices that allows users to discover a song on YouTube by humming, singing or recording a song.

Working similar to the Shazam app, it would collect information through the microphone to identify the tune and target users relevant YouTube videos that present the searched song. It can be the official video clip, content generated by other users or even short films.

Like this, it Improve user experience giving them the ability to locate any song that interests them using their own voice.

A feature that was previously implemented at Google

But it’s not the first time the company has implemented this feature in one of its products. Indeed, Google has already incorporated the ability to search by humming or singing into its search engine for some time, although it is true that many users are not aware of it.

The big difference between the two platforms is that Google needs a recording of about 10 seconds to subsequently locate the song. While, in the case of YouTube, we would be talking about you only need to shoot 3 seconds audio, offering greater convenience.


Using voice during searches and other types of activities is becoming a preferred option for many brands, thus making the search process much more natural.

Tell us, do you find this new feature interesting?

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