The 6 types of video posts to succeed on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is becoming a social network of great relevance in the strategy of any company. Precisely for this reason we must know what are the types of most effective publications within the platform like, for example, the video.

96% of consumers prefer video content on Social Networks.

If you want to know how you can apply this format correctly in your content strategy, don’t miss the 6 types of posts in the video that we leave you below.

1. News in the sector (Industry Perspective)

Creating content related to the industry and how it works is very useful. These contents can have a great interest for other companies related to the same sector and, precisely for this reason, it is easier for them to be shared.

In addition, users also like to know how things work, so we will have a greater chance of our content being successful.

2. Current news

Current news is also attractive content for social networks, even more so if we present it on video. An interesting trick when considering this format is to choose subtitled content in which it is not necessary to use audio.

In this way it makes it easier for users to view the video and share the content with your network of contacts.

3. Summary of events

LinkedIn is also a great tool for talk about events. In this sense, summaries are a very useful format, since we awaken the attention of our audience without requiring them to view complete content.

Keep in mind that, when we go to a social network, our time is limited. This implies that we must choose formats that can be consumed quickly.

4. Webinars

Videos related to training or personal development topics are highly viralizable through social networks.

However, when developing this type of content it is important make it attractive to the user. Precisely for this reason, it is essential to include relevant information: what they are going to learn, usefulness of the content, etc.

5. Information about the company

The videos that demonstrate how the company works inside serve to humanize the brand. This type of content helps users perceive us as a close brand, while at the same time we praise the values and culture of the company.

On the other hand, it is also important that let’s highlight the role that our users have Inside the company:

6. Launch promotional video

Promotional videos are also another alternative to take into account when making publications within the platform. We can refer to a project, a product or a service.

We must keep in mind that it does not consist of massive advertising, but rather showing users the company news and why you might be interested in being part of them.


The success of the video format, along with the importance that LinkedIn is acquiring as a social network, can help you develop a perfect marketing strategy for your company.

However, you must know which are the most effective formats and adapt them to your content.

And what do you think of this list? Would you include any other format?

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