The 12 marketing trends in 2023 to boost your sales

The 12 marketing trends in 2023 to boost your sales

Venturing into predicting marketing trends is always an interesting and at the same time necessary bet. Anticipating them when we define our budget is essential, as they may require a greater investment or structural change.

Based on experience and so far this year, we conclude that these are the points that can mean a major change in your team structure or budget preparation for the coming months.

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1. User experience and focus on customer retention

User experience is becoming more and more important. Now companies must not only try to put themselves in the shoes of their users and their audiences, but must also put their ideal customer at the center of all the activities that make up their strategy to provide them with a positive experience.

This way, you will keep your customers coming back to your business and you will also be a voice of recommendation. Brands are betting more on customer loyalty because it is a profitable investment, as it is easier and cheaper to support the customers they already have, serve them and turn them into ambassadors.

2. More precise segmentation and automation tools

Since you need to invest less money to maintain your customer base than to acquire new ones, it’s of the utmost importance that your strategy focuses on all the stages that make up the buyer’s journey. On the other hand, without a good automation and segmentation strategy, your company runs the risk of being filled with data and information that will then be difficult to interpret.

Once again this year it is essential to have customizable automation processes, especially in those companies in the growth phase that want to break down data silos. AS, you can forget about endless data cleaning tasks, automatically correct the properties of your contacts and identify their position in the buyer’s journey. For this, there are new automation and segmentation tools as well as the use of technologies like big data that are helping this work.

Marketing trends in 2023: automation

Image by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash

3. TikTok and videos

2023 will be remembered as the year brands realized the opportunities offered by TikTok. While this social network was already gaining popularity among companies and their campaigns, its success increased due to the video format being one of the best ways to connect with users.

In fact, videos longer than 40 seconds are the ones that have achieved the greatest virality on this platform. Brands have found ways to capitalize on the vast reach of the social network with over 1 billion users, more than 90% of whom surf each day.

4. Privacy Adjustment

Privacy is essential for Google, which is why it has changed its policy on the use of cookies, especially with regard to third-party cookies. This causes a change in marketers and their strategies.

This is a need of the users themselves who are not willing to share their data or be followed, which is why several countries are adopting measures in this sense protect your privacy. This trend will only get stronger as 32% of devices reject 64% of third-party cookies globally.

For this reason, there are various measures that companies will have to experiment with in order to then decide which is more convenient within the new legal frameworks applicable in each territory. Some of these involve the use of big data and machine learning, which we will discuss later.

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencers are here to stay a growing trend due to the rise of social networking. Today, Brands use all kinds of content creators to promote their offering, from nano to macro-influencers..

Therefore, it is not surprising that this year and next we continue to see an increase in the use of user-created content (user generated content) in combination with a solid influencer marketing strategy. Today, 92% of marketers say their job means effective campaigns.

Marketing Trends: Influencers

Image by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash

6. Interactive Marketing

A combination of new technologies and an increasingly dynamic audience have driven interactive marketing, i.e. those strategies that seek the active and engaged participation of consumers across various digital platforms and channels.

Rather than simply presenting static information, interactive marketing engages target audiences dynamically, encouraging interaction, feedback and collaboration.

Through elements such as surveys, games, contests, interactive videos and social networks, the goal is to create a personalized and engaging experience, in which consumers can influence the direction of brand communication, thus strengthening the relationship between it and its audience , and generating greater commitment and loyalty.

In this part we tend to look for new interactive experiences with the gamification, augmented reality, virtual reality and use of the Metaverse. Of the latter, it is projected to have a compound annual growth rate of 39.4% through 2030.

7. Personalized and scarcer emails

On average, an office worker receives about 121 emails a day. While they are a tool that may never cease to be relevant, brands need to understand that, if they want to get the attention of potential customers, emails may lose relevance if they are too constant.

And this not only with regard to external communication, as companies are investing internally in new communication platforms to reduce the number of emails sent daily and thus streamline process management. The tendency is to use them with greater strategic sense and to personalize the messages that are thus disseminated. In this way they will be able to take advantage of this sector which will continue to grow to reach 59.8 billion dollars in 2032.

Best of all, you can now use an online copywriter to craft your emails and other related pieces.

8. Ecommerce, social network purchases and live shopping

Global e-commerce will account for 40-50% of total consumer spending by 2025. This suggests that now more than ever it is of utmost importance that your products or services can be purchased online.

E-commerce is an unstoppable locomotive that will grow year after year and this represents an area of ​​opportunity for business and marketing. Furthermore, social networks will be key channels for e-commerce with actions such as live shopping, an e-commerce strategy that combines live video broadcasts with real-time product sales.

In this approach, sellers, influencers or brands present their products or services, which allows viewers to view products, ask questions, and make purchases directly.

Marketing Trends: Live Shopping

Image by Artem Beliaikin

9. Resurgence of podcasts

The podcast format is a trend that has gained particular relevance in 2023 and will continue to do so because It’s a tool that connects with people and boosts branding. There are more than 2.4 million podcasts worldwide, listened to by more than 387 million people.

Your content is sought out by listeners to inform themselves and have relevant information on a topic of interest to them. It has been proven to have a big influence on users: 95% of podcast listeners say they made a decision following in-content advertising.

10. Creativity in social networks and live broadcasts

Although social networks have captured the attention and interest of millions of users, they have also become highly competitive spaces thanks to the communicative and advertising impact of brands. This has led to a growing trend where creativity is reimagined as a way to stand out on these platforms and truly connect with people.

Live broadcasts or lives they have been a format that is being used more and more because they allow it build community, increase reach and improve brand perception. Plus, they provide an instant and authentic connection with your audience, encouraging interaction with comments and questions.

They also help share events, news, and exclusive content instantly, creating a sense of urgency and excitement among viewers.

11. Artificial Intelligence

A study indicates that marketing and sales are some of the areas with the greatest impact of AI alongside customer operations, software engineering, and R&D.

These technologies have effects in various fields, for example in creativity, to assist marketers in the generation of ideas and in the development of products, services and communication strategies. For example, you can use it to enhance the copy with an AI tool to rewrite the copy.

In the analysis part, it influences human capabilities through its ability to sift through large volumes of datawhich helps to better understand customers’ behavior and more fully understand their motivations and goals.

While, in technology, AI contributes to a highly personalized and automated approach; This manifests itself in areas such as forecasting trends, generating content, managing customer relationships through CRM systems, and executing digital advertising campaigns.

These trends will remain in the coming years because artificial intelligence will not stop and its evolution will be fundamental. In fact, organizations that use this type of technology register an average growth of between 4 and 14%.

12. Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing has been a trend in recent years and 2023 is no exception; The strategies derived from this type of marketing are today giving excellent results. For this reason, 89% of consumers prioritize two-way dialogue with companies through messaging channels and applications.

It stands out as essential in today’s era due to its ability to establish meaningful and authentic interactions with customers. Through channels such as chatbots, social networks and messaging platforms, this methodology enables brands participate in real-time conversations, answer questions and provide personalized assistance.

Marketing trends in 2023: conversational strategy

Image of Rodion Kutsaiev

These are the most important marketing trends this year. As we said before, all these efforts should be focused on providing the best possible user experience.

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Originally published August 31, 2023, updated September 1, 2023

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