Marie Kondo has a problem

Marie Kondo has a problem

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Marie Kondo has a problem, she suffers from the paradox of the capitalist minimalist!

Like many personal development gurus, Marie Kondo has built an empire around her personal image.

The only problem is that it preaches the idea that you can live better with less. And this idea is not super compatible with classic capitalist business.

Marie Kondo’s empire began in Japan in 2011 with the publication of the book “The Magic of Tidying”, which mixes personal development and tidying techniques. The book becomes a best seller and everything gets carried away. She participates in conferences and television programs.
In 2019 she entered a new dimension with the Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”.

Until then, his business is still solid, but he launches a controversial online store at the end of the year.
There you can buy everything, like scotch for €30 or a soy sauce pendant for €15

Pretty ironic, isn’t it? Like other successful minimalists, his business is true to his philosophy!

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