Taylor Swift's positioning is changing a bank

Taylor Swift’s positioning is changing a bank

In Mexico, Taylor Swift concert ticket sales were deplorable. Ticketmaster’s lack of commitment to eliminating scalping; The very high level of corruption in the country and the unsuitable prices for social reality led to the surfacing of many complaints and hateful comments on social networks … However, the story in Argentina is different. He Positioning of Taylor Swift has repositioned Patagonia Bank in an unprecedented success story… Keep your eyes peeled!

Banco Patagonia dresses with the positioning of Taylor Swift

Banco Patagonia is not the most important or largest bank in Argentina. In fact, its positioning is more related to a traditional personality and geared towards older generations such as Generation X or the Boomers.

How to connect the bank to the new generations? How to get Millennials and Gen-Z to turn to a brand like this and consider it as an option for their finances? Anyone would say it’s an impossible mission, but if you believe that… You have to calm down.

Even companies with quiet and discreet profiles can experience a big shift in momentum, and that’s what happened in the first weeks of June when Banco Patagonia decided to make a difference with a clever marketing move: They exclusively sponsored the presale for Taylor Swift’s concert in Buenos Aires. gorgeous!

Taylor Swift arrives in an Oscar de la Renta dress, Christian Louboutin shoes and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Prudential Center on August 28, 2022 in Newark, New Jersey, USA. (Photo by Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency) Via: Depositphotos.

To understand how successful a good repositioning idea can be, Samy Alliance conducted a social listening exercise across multiple platforms. The goal was to understand how the bank had used Taylor Swift’s position to create an opportunity Encrusted with jewels and open up a new market.

Social listening to measure repositioning

Banco Patagonia has just over 20,000 followers on Twitter and 57,000 on Instagram. They’re not a social brand, nor do they have a content strategy; and this is clearly reflected in the low publication rate in the various social channels.

To reach

Notwithstanding the foregoing, their interactions and particularly their social media mentions skyrocketed in just 24 hours on the same day they announced the exclusive pre-sale of Taylor Swift concert tickets. triple what they normally collect in a full month.

Within two days, all social networks were flooded with the bank’s name, with a level of activity never seen before by the institute or its staff Wildest Dreams. Content of all kinds including memes, tweets and tiktoks…

feeling and Call

Another relevant KPI in these situations is the sentiment of the mentions. According to the study, the negative mentions of this company outnumbered the positive ones by 11.8% in the month of May, which is a clear example of the brand’s bad reputation. However, positive mentions outpaced negative mentions by 5.8% in the first five days of June; and the registered rejections were only classified as sarcastic and humorous messages … I bet you’re thinking of me.


The icon is filled with style What Taylor Swift has become and the positioning she has achieved, not only because of her brilliant career but also because of her strong presence in social media conversations, has done for Banco Patagonia what social media campaigns would have taken months or years to achieve .

The decision allowed the bank to join the music scene and connect with Gen Z and Millennials on a deeper level. Widening the buzz helped create new messages around the brand, connecting the emotions and concepts much needed to attract young users to the bank.

The only publication announcing this bank’s exclusive presale for cardholders generated 8.28% engagement, which is a very high peak on social media. (Instagram doesn’t even reach 1% this year).


When it comes to social listening, messages from Gen Z and Millennials stand out, indicating that they wanted to become a user or find someone who was to buy tickets. The vast majority of these messages had a humorous and comedic undertone, which helped to revitalize the image of the bank itself, which from then on would occupy a new position in Argentina… the bank that connected users to their favorite artist and such a… reality love story.

Millennials and Gen Z couldn’t resist. The perfect lead magnet had blue eyes, fairy hair, 44 songs and ten eras of tremendous musical talent. You can’t spell “Super” without #I. Who could say no? The ability to own these tickets brought many new customers to the bank, all keen to be a part of the Taylor Swift experience.

Positioning of Taylor Swift.  Case of Patagonia Bank.
Rio de Janeiro, December 8, 2009. Singer Taylor Swift during her show at HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. — Photo by A. Paes. About: Depositphotos.

A case of repositioning

By partnering with a pop superstar who embodies the interests and values ​​of the younger generation, the bank has shown that it is not a second-rate institution. It showed their commitment to staying current, embracing cutting-edge trends, being inclusive and delivering tremendous value to the community.

The bank has been pursuing this strategy of sponsoring concerts and clubs for some time, but so far only for smaller artists. The hit was definitely the collaboration with Taylor Swift. Undoubtedly an action that deserves one mastermind.

While the impact of Taylor Swift’s concert sponsorship has been tremendous, it’s important to stay consistent. To consolidate its repositioning efforts, the institution needs to ensure it has a service portfolio and brand experience that meets the expectations of younger consumers.

They managed to win over the new generation and the new challenge is to keep and keep them. For this reason, promotions such as exclusive offer programs for young people, discounts on products or services are now among the new business models that could now come into play. I am ready?


This is great proof that even the most traditional brands, such as a bank classified as old, can win over the new generations.

By understanding and leveraging a love of music and pop culture, the bank made a bold statement that it understands what drives this generation, and that it is these actions that translate into new brand advantages, new customers and new positioning strategies that their own deserve applause. Those who do well… do well… and vice versa. It’s easy karma.

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