Today I present to you one of the books on digital marketing that Anaya Multimedia has just published in its well-known Social Business series. Marketing for Entrepreneurs. Step-by-step guide to getting your project started. by Tristán Elósegui, a classic of internet marketing in Spain and a mirror many of us have looked in (including me).

The book is a comprehensive guide for those looking to start and grow their own business. The author shares his extensive online marketing experience and offers practical advice and strategies to help different entrepreneurs build their brand and attract customers in an effective way. It has a very hands-on approach with plenty of examples, templates, and real-world experiences from entrepreneurs that will surely help you optimize your business.

index Marketing for Entrepreneurs
PART I – You must organize before proceeding. You have to work from the inside out and from less to more
Chapter 1. Why should you read this book?
Chapter 2. How Can We Prepare for the Enterprise? Sharpen the ax before chopping down the tree
Chapter 3. What Marketing-Related Problems Will You Face?
Chapter 4. Brakes and engines of the entrepreneur’s job profile
Chapter 5. The Importance of Personal Goal
Chapter 6. We need to reconnect with our audience
PART II – Defining a marketing strategy with branding as a guide
Chapter 7. Methodology for defining and implementing a marketing strategy
Chapter 8. Brand purpose
Chapter 9. How to define the business model with the purpose as a reference
Chapter 10. Analysis of the competition
Chapter 11. Definition of the target customer
Chapter 12. My business goals
Chapter 13. Positioning
Chapter 14. Marketing Plan
Chapter 15. Tactical Plan
Chapter 16. Digital Analysis
PART III – Put what you’ve learned into practice
Chapter 17. Practical exercises, templates and review of your case
PART IV – Marketing from the point of view of its protagonists – practical examples
Chapter 18. Laura Casares – the purpose as a vital and professional transformer
Chapter 19. Trener – relaunch and digitization of the business
Chapter 20. Qualitus – Transformation of the business model
Chapter 21. Expacioweb – mindset shift and revenue growth
Chapter 22. Arturo Sánchez – Digital marketing management support
Chapter 23. Joan Llácer – Professional Development of a Digital Marketing Director

The book is characterized by:

  • A practical approacheither. It has a practical and accessible approach. Tristán tries to avoid jargon and offers clear advice applicable to any type of business. From conceptualizing a business idea to implementing marketing strategies, you will learn what tools every entrepreneur needs to understand and apply the basic principles of marketing.
  • Importance of market analysis. Emphasizing the importance of thorough market analysis before starting a business, the author guides readers through the necessary steps to identify the target audience, understand the competition, analyze market trends, and evaluate existing opportunities. This strategic approach enables you to make informed decisions and minimize risk.
  • Digital Marketing Strategies. In the digital age, internet marketing plays a crucial role in the success of any business. The book describes the various digital marketing strategies, from creating a strong social media presence to executing online advertising campaigns. Here readers will find practical tips on how to effectively use digital tools to increase your brand’s visibility and engage your target audience.
  • Build a solid brand. This is one of the key points of the book, which explores the key elements in developing a brand identity that creates a positive experience for customers and builds solid and lasting relationships.
  • Metrics and analysis of results. As in any digital company, success is based on the ability to measure and analyze the results of the implemented strategies. These pages will provide you with a practical guide to setting relevant metrics, interpreting the data and adjusting marketing strategies based on the results achieved. These analytical insights enable anyone running a business to make informed decisions and continuously optimize their marketing efforts.

Marketing for Entrepreneurs by Tristán Elósegui, recommended for anyone starting or already running a business who wants to improve their results, as well as any user interested in online business or working in marketing, a must have for your library.

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