Six years to promote food resilience and digital sobriety in Bordeaux!

After having worked for years on the future of the web, and our very short future, leading prospective writing workshops and supporting organizations involved in the ecological transition, your pen is getting involved in the life of the City 🙂

This beginning of the year has been a bit special for all of us, but for me 2020 will continue to be a truly special time. After an outstanding electoral campaign during which I experienced almost everything in terms of content strategy within a great communication team, we won the municipal elections in Bordeaux! This campaign has been an unforgettable professional and human experience for me: storytelling workshops to work on the name and symbol of our movement, writing the texts for the site, including moderation of a group on social networks, writing the texts of a manifesto and the design and animation of prospective writing workshops in collaboration with the Futurs Près collective – I liked everything!

And here I am now elected, municipal and metropolitan councilor 🙂

Very happy and proud to advance ecology locally. I will be in charge of digital sobriety, a topic that we have already addressed within the KontnĂĽ association, and that we explore this year during the second edition of KONTINĂśUM. My mission: to make all digital gamers in Bordeaux aware of the need to think about the web within the limits that the planet offers.

As a reminder, digital energy consumption is increasing by 9% per year. However, according to the IPCC, limiting global warming to 1.5°C will require reaching “carbon neutrality” by 2050, that is, in 30 years. The time has come for digital actors and actresses to step back and imagine the web of the future: clean, user-centric, useful, intelligent, free and accessible!

I will also be in charge of food resilience, a topic that is very close to my heart, within the Nature division.

PLUME Interactive will also continue its part-time activity.
Good summer everyone!

The art of telling shared stories to invent the future

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