Should you use Facebook and Instagram stories for your business?

Content production is a key requirement for the success of any business online, regardless of its size: blog articles, social media posts, videos, photos, etc. More than ever, content matters Internet.

But among all these types of content, there is content that we could call ephemeral because of its longevity on the web: they are stories that can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Microsoft in particular lI will be making my choice on LinkedIn very soon.

These 24-hour stories are like snapshots that allow you to post a highlight of your day, in short, a feeling that you want to share.

If these are particularly exploited in B2C, they are generally neglected by B2B companies who see less interest in them: why share emotions when we sell serious products?

Because that your customer, also in the B2B sector, not only buys for objective reasons, but when his own emotions reach his potential service provider.

In this article, I’ll explain why using Facebook and Instagram Stories is essential for your business.

The FOMO Effect: if?

What interest do Facebook and Instagram stories have in your marketing strategy? Quite simply, to be able to create content in a very short time that will turn regular meetings with your community into a ritual.

Indeed, there is nothing more volatile than a social network community: it forces the company to consider an ongoing content creation workflow if they want their community to stay engaged. By creating stories, i.e. content with a lifespan of 24 hours or less, the goal is to create the so-called FOMO effect (assuming your content is good, of course): Fear Of Miss Out of.

What is that ? It’s about the fear of missing out on branded content, as all content produced generates support and emotion.

If I know every day that I will enjoy consulting content that evokes strong emotions in me, I will inevitably become attached to the brand that produces it. CQFD.

stories Facebook and Instagram: Pay attention to authenticity!

However, in order to make good stories on Facebook and Instagram, you need to get out of your smooth corporate communication: the key words for successful stories are spontaneity and above all AUTHENTICITY!

Which brings us to the question: what does it mean to be authentic on social media and the internet in general?

In my opinion, to be authentic on social networks, but also on your website or blog, you have to recognize that Internet users are not only looking for information. Beyond information, they want to have fun above all by building relationships with people and, through those people, with brands. That’s also the key to authenticity on the web: nobody are not only bound to your company, but to the people who make it up. And if you know how to keep your spontaneity through these people, your company will be appreciated.

Stories to promote your business

Once your stories manage to generate support and engagement, they can go beyond the simple emotional connection to Promote your business:

  • Tease your products
  • promotional offers
  • events
  • Etc.

The point here is clearly to use the emotional reach of this content for sales. However, be careful not to break the engagement of your community by only offering promotional content! Stories like this have to be rare to really make an impact. In our experience with our clients, no more than one story in ten is enough to maintain the effectiveness of your strategy.

Stories: a strategic topic for B2B companies

But are these stories really interesting for companies? Dor B2B? They not only have an interest, but also a strategic stake.

It’s time companies realized that the distinction between B2B and B2C is an entirely artificial distinction. Ultimately, the only difference lies in the timing of the decision-making: in the B2B area, the conclusion of a purchase takes more time.

However, beyond this temporality, which requires an even more solid content strategy, the commercial relationship remains above all a question of P2P, that is, person to person, regardless of the networks in which they are located. And as a marketing agency, it’s clear that 60% of our B2B social media business comes from Facebook. And we find a similar relationship in Thes B2B customers that we serve.

LinkedIn is far from the only network for B2B: Facebook n / A encore said his last word.

Because of their ephemeral nature, stories on Facebook and Instagram have extraordinary potential to boost your company’s communication. By promoting authenticity and spontaneity, they enable you to achieve your business goals!

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