Profeco reveals the most harmful cookies sold in stores

Profeco began an in-depth study of biscuits sold in stores and found they were high in sugar and calories. The Federal Consumer Advocate therefore urged consumers to avoid eating these biscuits, as there are a large number of additives that are harmful to health.

While it’s true, all cookies are high in sugar and calories, especially when it comes to processed foods, which can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Therefore, anyone consuming this product should take into account the specifications that brands state on their packages.

According to the research carried out by Profeco, the most harmful biscuits are: Emperador Piruetas, Marías Doradas, the famous Animalitos biscuits, Chocolate Emperor, Classic Orange Flower, Oreo and Precisísimo with coconut flavor, widely available in shops and in every supermarket.

It should be noted that the biscuits that contain the most sugar and calories are the Emperador Piruetas, as Profeco has assured that these are the most harmful, since their content is equivalent to more than 5 teaspoons of fat and 2.5 tablespoons of saturated fat federal prosecutor. of consumer protection.

It is important to mention that the World Health Organization recommends that the intake of added sugars should not exceed 10 percent of calorie intake as it is harmful to people and causes diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

“The amounts of sugars that this product contains are too high, especially considering that it is not really a meal but more of a snack or snack that can be eaten between meals or accompanied with coffee or tea” , says the WHO.

On the other hand, Mexico ranks second in the global prevalence of obesity among adults, while the Central American country ranks fourth among boys and girls; According to a list by The Lancet, the United States ranks first in obesity.

Likewise, Mexico ranks fifth in the world for obesity, where according to the WHO 21 million women suffer from this problem while 15 million are men and it is estimated that by 2030 36.8 percent of people will suffer from this disease.

Finally, the Mexican government has its IMSS and EAT offers programs to reduce obesity in our country, where a nutritionist will analyze you and send you a diet with exercise to improve your body and metabolism.

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