[Série A] SONIO raises 13 million euros for early detection of birth defects using AI

[Série A] SONIO raises 13 million euros for early detection of birth defects using AI

In developed countries, congenital anomalies are a worrying reality, affecting approximately one in 33 births. Faced with this observation, many companies and organizations are mobilizing to improve the early detection of these anomalies. Among them, Sonio, a startup specializing in this field, has just announced a major fundraiser of 13 million euros.

This round, which includes an investment of 10 million euros from the European Innovation Council and 3 million euros from the American fund Cross Border Impact Ventures, with the participation of historic investors Elaia, Bpifrance and OneRagtime, will allow Sonio to continue its expansion, particularly in the United States states.

Developed in collaboration with Necker Hospital, Sonio’s technology received CE marking in May 2021, certifying the technology’s compliance with European safety standards. The tool is able to manage no less than 3700 combinations for accurate real-time diagnosis.

“We provide the solution in software. All you have to do is buy a Sonio license to use the solution. The practitioner can use his or her own computer or place a tablet on the ultrasound system use it« explains Cécile Brosset, co-founder and CEO of Sonio

The startup, which already counts a third of French hospitals among its customers and benefits from a presence in 20 European countries, and particularly in India and Nigeria, plans to launch soon in the United States. In fact, Sonio’s main goal is to obtain FDA approval to launch its solution on the American market. It also aims to adapt its technology to portable ultrasound devices to meet the needs of lay physicians in both developed and developing countries.

Here is the full interview with Cécile Brosset, Sonio Co-Founder and CEO:

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SONIO Company specializing in the examination of birth defects
activity area MedTech
year of creation 2020
founder Cecile Brosset and Remi Besson
Funds Collected Seeds: 5 million in 2022; Series A: 13 million euros
website web
Effective 25 employees
The headquarters Paris, France
investors Cross Border Impact Ventures, Elaia, Bpifrance, OneRagtime and Business Angels.
Leadership team – Cécile Brosset (CEO), Rémi Besson (CSO), Sandrine N. (Head of US Business Development), Clément Moreau (Head of Human Resources)
For more information (French or English) about SONIO or about more than 2000 French startups, contact us: Startupscouting@frenchweb.fr

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