Pinterest announces two new advertising products for full-funnel strategies Effilab

Pinterest announces two new advertising products for full-funnel strategies – Effilab

Pinterest announces two new full-funnel strategy ad products

Pinterest announces two new full-funnel strategy ad products

Pinterest, the platform for discovery and visual inspiration, continues to innovate in advertising with the launch of two new products: Premiere Spotlight and Travel Catalogs.

These advertising solutions offer advertisers new opportunities to develop full-funnel strategies that enable them to reach consumers at every stage of their buying journey.

Let’s dive into the details of these two new Pinterest promotional offers.

  1. Premiere Spotlight:

Premiere Spotlight is an advertising product that highlights sponsored videos on the Pinterest homepage. When users log into the platform, they are greeted with an engaging and engaging video about a specific brand or product. This feature allows advertisers to instantly grab users’ attention and generate strong brand awareness from the first contact. Premiere Spotlight enables advertisers to deliver impactful messages and engage consumers from the very beginning of their Pinterest experience.

Premiere Spotlight’s central location maximizes visibility during video views MRC (Media Ratings Council).) by an average of 51%.

A Premiere Spotlight ad is guaranteed to take up approximately 50% of the mobile screen.

  1. travel catalogues

Travel Catalogs is an advertising feature designed specifically for brands and businesses in the travel industry. It allows advertisers to upload their catalogs of travel-related products and services to the Pinterest platform. These catalogs can contain information about destinations, special offers, travel packages, accommodation, activities and much more.

After uploading the travel catalogues, Pinterest uses this data to automatically create personalized dynamic ads. These ads are tailored to each user’s specific interests and preferences. Pinterest’s algorithm analyzes available data, such as saved Pins and searches made by the user, to present them with the most relevant travel offers.

Travel Catalog ads appear in Pinterest users’ news feeds, giving them a rich discovery experience. When a user interacts with an ad, they see compelling images, detailed descriptions, and calls-to-action to learn more or book directly.

This feature allows brands in the travel industry to promote their offerings in a visually appealing and personalized way. It also helps Pinterest users find travel ideas tailored to their tastes and preferences, helping to inspire and plan their next adventures.

Bill Watkins, Pinterest’s Chief Revenue Officer, seems particularly pleased with the launch of the two tools: ” We pride ourselves on innovating for our customers! Whether it’s increasing brand awareness with Premiere Spotlight or turning inspiration into a travel reservation with travel catalogues, our new advertising solutions have one common goal: to help brands unlock the full potential of Pinterest.”.

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