Portrait Marketing Tech: Olivier PESCHARDMarketing and corporate communication and BtoB

Portrait Marketing Tech: Olivier PESCHARDMarketing and corporate communication and BtoB

Kensington, is a division of ACCO Brands (NYSE: ACCO), the world leader in office supplies and present in more than 100 countries worldwide. Headquartered in Burlingame, California, Kensington is the inventor and world leader in laptop security locks. For more than 40 years we have been designing and distributing a complete range of computer accessories, and in particular for mobile devices. We anticipate the needs and challenges of an ever-changing work environment. We engineer award-winning professional-grade solutions for organizations committed to equipping top professionals with the tools they need to thrive.
Olivier PESCHARD - Sales Director Southern Europe at Kensington

Olivier PESCHARD – Sales Director Southern Europe at Kensington

Why did you choose to do this job?

Like many, I followed in my father’s footsteps. The latter was sales manager in the electronic components sector. He often took me to trade shows or customer events. I liked the atmosphere of these moments, the human relationships and the respect between suppliers and customers. After studying economics, I started my professional experience selling to private individuals in the sector, door to door… quite an adventure! And then, on a one-to-one date, I met my future boss, who was then working at Ingram Micro. In the end I never sold him “my product”… but the current went very well… and he recruited me! And since then, also being a geek at heart, I’ve enjoyed the world of computing for 25 years!

How is your company engaged in creating value through Kensington solutions?

Kensington has always supported this 4 values which are very dear to him:

Project : Through meticulous research, design and engineering. Kensington solutions meet the changing performance and compatibility needs of today’s professionals.

Quality : Kensington’s engineering team has three decades of experience in the mass production of computer products. Rigorous test cycles and quality controls ensure that all products are tested beyond industry standards.

Support : Kensington’s customers span the globe and include businesses of all sizes. Every client is treated like a great professional, bar none.

Sustainability/Environment: We are committed to finding ways to reduce our environmental impact, in all aspects of our business.

All these values ​​place high demands on products and service quality. These are our fundamentals and Kensington will look for ways to maintain/offer them with appropriate pricing terms.

How do you help your partners develop their business in collaboration with you?

Kensington, whose method of distribution is 100% indirect, therefore relies on a network of wholesaler and retailer partners. We try to be there by their side, in the field, through product training, sales incentives, customer event support….

Furthermore, we do not hesitate to recommend products to end customers, through our partners but also our sales teams. You need to keep up with your customers’ plans/thoughts to offer Kensington solutions that are right for them.

We are also very active in channel marketing through our clients’ tools, while striving to innovate on a regular basis.

How do you see your work/missions with your current and future clients… in 5 years?

Be proactive and reactive! The IT sector is exciting but very demanding in many respects (environmental, profitability, product lifespan, technologies, etc.).

We have to constantly anticipate/adapt to new trends. Seek new opportunities and build/maintain long-lasting and professional relationships with our partners and end customers.

One thing is certain… human and customer relationships in the field must remain the priority… even if telecommuting and artificial intelligence can help our daily productivity.

Heart attack

Your favorite ad: “Those of Orangina, in particular that of the pinball machine (1997)”. Lots of humour, well done and very clear in the final message

Your favorite book: I’m an unconditional fan of the Tolkien universe… and of the different Heroic Fantasy sagas.

Your favorite music: Big fan of Coldplay…and especially Paradise. Hopeful message. The world is beautiful but let’s preserve it! As well as everyone’s freedom to live in this paradise.

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