How to use hashtags correctly on YouTube

How to use hashtags correctly on YouTube

how to use hashtags on youtube

While not as popular as on other social networks like Twitter, or as they can be on TikTok, using hashtags on YouTube is highly recommended. As you already know, however, hashtags are not used equally across all social platforms.

In each social network you need to adjust to some recommended parameters. For example, using them on Instagram is not the same as on any other network. So today we will focus on how to use hashtags correctly on youtube – even in YouTube Music playlists – so you can make the most of this feature on the video network.

How to use hashtags correctly on YouTube

As in the rest of social networks, hashtags on YouTube are words preceded by the symbol # (hash). These tags make it easy for you to associate the content with other videos or playlists that have the same hashtag. Therefore, it is easier for other users to find related content through searches.

On YouTube, hashtags are added within titles and descriptions when a video is uploaded or a YouTube Short is recorded. They can also be used in the same way when creating a playlist in YouTube Music.

In this video you have all the details and then we go step by step with the use of hashtags on YouTube, in the Shorts and everything you need to take into account to use them correctly:

Steps to add a hashtag on YouTube

To add a hashtag to your YouTube video, you need to follow these steps:

-Place the # symbol in the video title or description and start typing the keyword or topic you want to associate with your video. YouTube will suggest the most popular hashtags based on what you type.

-Choose a recommended hashtag to promote your video among others with the same hashtag. If none that suit your needs appear, create one that fits your content.

-You can put as many hashtags as you want in the video description. However, only a maximum of three (those deemed most attractive) will be displayed next to the title. They will still appear in the description, and your videos may still appear in search results.

Hashtags displayed in the title and description link to a results page showing other videos sharing that hashtag.

To add a hashtag to a playlist in YouTube Music, you need to follow the same steps to include the hashtags in the playlist title and description.

Recommended hashtags in YouTube Shorts

In addition to taking into account the previous steps, when you write the title of a Short, you will see hashtag suggestions relevant to the content you are going to upload. The recommended hashtags are based on the hashtags you’ve used previously and the suggested content you’ve previously uploaded.

If a clock icon appears next to a hashtag suggestion in a YouTube Short, it means you’ve used it before.

Tips to keep in mind when posting hashtags on YouTube

You must comply with the Community Guidelines when posting hashtags on YouTube. If you break these rules, your hashtags will likely disappear. These are the main clauses that you must respect when using hashtags on YouTube:

-No spaces: On YouTube, hashtags cannot contain spaces, although two words can be joined to form a single word.

-Don’t include too many hashtags: You can enter up to 60 hashtags per content. If you enter more, they will all be ignored by YouTube. Also, keep in mind that the more tags you add, the less relevant they will be to the user searching for content.

-Misleading content: do not add hashtags that are not directly related to the video or playlist.

-Harassment: do not add hashtags intended to harass, humiliate, intimidate, embarrass or threaten a specific person or group. If you do, your video will be removed.

– Sexual content and profanity: If you add sexually explicit or vulgar hashtags, YouTube may age-restrict or remove the video or playlist.

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