“Nudges”: a creative trick to get people moving!

“Nudges”: a creative trick to get people moving!

If the term “nudge” doesn’t appeal to you, you’ve surely come across an example on the streets of your city: stylized stairs, colorful pathways, graphics on the floor, calls to action, positive and playful messages, additions to street furniture, etc.

A concept from the behavioral sciences

Behavioral sciences assume that our decisions are not rational but are influenced by cognitive biases about our environment. So its modification can encourage us to choose one rather than the other. This type of public space development can have multiple purposes: to encourage the adoption of environmentally responsible gestures, to reduce traffic accidents or even to encourage physical activity.

A lever in the service of public health

As part of the preparation of Olympic Games 2024 In Paris, promoting physical exertion is becoming more and more common. A powerful creative lever at the service of a real public health problem. Paris 2024 even has its “ Active Design User Guide », is aimed at all cities wishing to participate in the opening of the Games (Label Terre de Jeux 2024).

Some inspirational examples

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