Guide to influencer marketing in the fashion industry

What is influencer marketing in the fashion industry?

Influencer marketing is the focus. It offers brands a whole new way to connect with their potential customers. In the fashion industry, everyone from high fashion designers to fast fashion brands work with influencers to succeed.

Just look at the Aerie brand, which in 2021 has teamed up with personalities present on TikTok to promote their products.

When influencers use their platform – be it YouTube, Instagram or other social media accounts – to talk about your brand, you can be sure that you will get noticed. Sometimes all it takes is a post for your brand to skyrocket online.

Influencer marketing can quickly increase brand awareness and build trust as social media platforms have hundreds of millions of active users every day. For comparison: Vogue magazine “only” reaches 22.5 million readers per month.

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