NRJ and Nostalgie make their return with great fanfare

NRJ and Nostalgie make their return with great fanfare

Radio NRJ extension proposes a beginning of 2023 centered on music and strong personalities.

“I am pleased to present to you what the NRJ team has invented for our listeners in this new season, around the keywords of: entertain, collect, connect, offer and act. every morning, all in the NRJ team: to entertain our listeners , accompany them daily with a vibrant and eclectic musical program, captivating performances and passionate presenters who transmit their good humor. Our goal is to create a unique audio experience, where hits and content are carefully selected to transport you into a world that is as entertaining as it is inspiring. Our leitmotif? Bring people together. We believe in the strength of the community. NRJ is much more than a radio; it is a meeting place where listeners meet to share moments around what is still and always today a common bridge between all generations: music. Our desire to connect our audience allows us to constantly innovate and adapt to stay close to our listeners no matter what medium you use to hear us. Through FM, DAB+, our website, the NRJ Belgium application, social networks and today the announcement of the launch of 6 original podcasts: we want to be present anywhere, anytime, offering an increasingly engaging and interactive experience. Offering experiences to our listeners is our way of rewarding their loyalty. We understand that our success depends on their support, which is why we constantly try to surprise and delight them. Exclusive gifts, meetings with their favorite artists, strong competitions… NRJ does everything possible to offer unique and unforgettable moments. Ultimately, taking action represents our commitment to making a difference in our society. We believe in the power of the media to raise awareness, inform and act on behalf of the causes we care about. Whether supporting charitable causes, conveying messages of public interest or giving voice to voices that need to be heard, NRJ is committed to being an active and positive player in everyone’s life, with the brand name “NRJ, Acting for the Planet”. NRJ is so much more than a radio station – it’s a human, musical and engaged experience that brings us all together. We are proud to have you by our side and together we will build a future of sharing, discovery and surprise. It is therefore, on behalf of the entire team, with immense pride and overflowing with enthusiasm, that we wish you a great return to school with NRJ,” introduced Nicolas Fadeur, Brand Manager/Director of NRJ Programs.

“Effervescence, desire and enthusiasm are in the air. The opponents’ strategies have been studied with precision in order to be able to carefully adapt ours. In this magical place which is the locker room, personalities and egos give the set out in pursuit of collective excellence. Like a harmonious orchestra, each member brings their own unique touch, strength and talent to create a perfect synergy. Here differences are celebrated, for they enrich the haunting melody of our part team.Whether wearing the NRJ Jersey, Nostalgie, NRJ+, Nostalgie+ or Chérie, each member of the team is ready to assume their role and responsibilities within the team.This place is much more than just a place to prepare physical: it is a space where the atmosphere is charged with positivity, energy and where team spirit comes to life. It is the spirit of NGroup that characterizes our company and makes it so unique. #WeAreNGroup ,” he added Kim Beyns, NGroup CEO.

Among the news on NRJ we mention:

The Daddy K Shows: DJ Daddy K takes over Panther radio every Friday night from 7-9pm for a music show, so he’s got the secret.

The UltraTop NRJ: The only official chart of the moment greatest hits is on NRJ on Saturdays from 10:00 to 12:00.

The DJ stars in NRJ Extravadance: Every Saturday from 8pm to 4am, top DJs mix exclusive sets on NRJ. We can count on big names like Dimitri Vegas.

NRJ’s mix of hits: An hour of music and overworked transitions. The NRJ Hit Mix is ​​the playlist of NRJ remixed every morning from 9 to 10.

NRJ Podcasts: For the start of the 2023 school year, NRJ Belgium is therefore developing its native podcast offer. Currently, 6 productions are being finalized, which address various and varied themes. The 6 podcasts will be released gradually, by “season”. Julia Taton embodies a more intimate production, focused on the world of parenthood. Sara Rodriguez, he immerses himself in musical and social topics with famous guests. Other podcasts will be about sexuality, flirting or travel.

From 6 March 2023, NRJ+ offers top hits from the 90s and 2000s. A music radio station hosted by emcees rooted in their generation. For this first back to school, NRJ+ sees the arrival of DJ Dad K lFriday from 19:00 to 21:00 andUltraTopthat is the only official ranking of the hits of the moment.

“Are you ready for your musical journey into the 90s and 2000s? Are you a fan of timeless hits? We are delighted to welcome you to NRJ+, the radio station that takes you back in time for total immersion in the decades that marked our hearts and our playlists: the 90s and 2000s. A time when Walkmans reigned supreme, songs were played over and over again on scratched CDs and music videos were eagerly watched on TV, NRJ+ lets you offers a unique access to the golden age of pop and dance music: irresistible beats that got the crowd dancing, choruses that make us smile from the first notes and artists who defined an entire generation. We all have a song that instantly takes us back to a particular moment in our lives. At NRJ+ we have made these “memories” our mission. Every day we carefully select a varied playlist that will immerse you in these memories, whether it’s your first nights at the disco, your car rides with the windows down, or simply the moments of happiness shared with friends. But NRJ+ doesn’t just broadcast music: it also offers you anecdotes about your favorite artists, highlights of the era and retrospectives on the trends and events that shook the world in the 90s and 2000s. So let yourself be carried away by the melodies that marked a generation. Que vous soyez un.e fervent.e admirer.rice des boys bands des 90s, un.e adept des hits R&B des 2000s, ou tout simplement à la recherche d’une bouffée d’émotions musicales, notre radio est là pour you. Get ready to dance, sing, and remember why these decades hold such a special place in our hearts. Welcome back!” continues Nicolas Fadeur.

For his part, far from resting on his laurels, after 5 years as a protagonist in French-speaking Belgium, Nostalgia proposes a 2023-2024 season full of novelties. A new morning, new duets and increasingly musical and fun events.

“Nostalgie has been the favorite radio station of French-speaking Belgians for five years! From audience measurement to audience measurement, listeners confirm that Nostalgie meets audience expectations by offering solid, popular, short music programming and a friendly atmosphere that exudes closeness and good humor! This is Nostalgia… and much more! Nostalgia is also audacious. That is why we have decided to make significant changes to our schedule, substantial adaptations to our content and our different offers, both digital and linear . “, more modern, more committed to its time, Nostalgia dares to question itself again and offers the richest new season for a long time. Finally, I would like to underline the special place that listeners occupy in our various reflections. This new schedule demonstrates that they are more than ever at the center of our concerns, whether through the interactivity on the air, through social networks or by the number of local actions we will carry out and which we will further grow. Objective: to be ever closer to all those who give us the pleasure of listening to each other every day. As you may have understood, something will always happen on Nostalgie during this new radio season. Welcome back all of you!” add Jean-Francois Pottier, Brand Manager and Director of Nostalgia Programs.

Nostalgia: Olivier and Isa - Famiglia Nosta Copyright: Stephane De Coster

Nostalgia: Olivier and Isa – Famiglia Nosta ©Stephane De Coster

Among the novelties Nostalgia:

-Our family: The Nosta family changes face and voice. Every morning, from 6:00 to 9:00, Olivier and Isa will wake up the listeners of the first francophone radio in Belgium.

How is Sara this morning?: A new show hosted by Sara Rodriguez every day from 4 to 6.

Our mission, man!: Every morning from 9:00 to 10:00, the Super Hero of Nostalgia offers 1 hour of music entirely chosen by the listeners.

-Our Weekend Family: Every weekend, a very special couple, Philippe D’Hollander and his daughter Eloïse, wake you up with the best offers and activity ideas.

-Nostalgia 2000: Two hours of music, TV memories, films and trends from this cult decade. A new meeting hosted by Amélie Zucca on Sundays from 6 to 8 pm.

In the digital offer of Nostalgie we find:

Native podcasts

In 2005, Nostalgie launched the first podcasts in our country. 18 years later, at the age of majority, the Nostalgie offer is more complete than ever! During the year we will produce several exclusive series. “Broken Fates”, with Brice Depasse who will return to tell the story of prodigious personalities who have tragically disappeared. “The song behind the story” with Bruno Fernandez, a series whose starting point is a well-known hit inspired by a historical fact. Bruno will return to the event as such, but also to the consequences and the way this event was experienced in society.

Lots of information available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. With, dive into your best years. The music library will allow you to find the best hits from the 60s to 2005. The highlights of each decade but also the biographies of some thirty essential artists.


With more than 24 products designed for the web, Nostalgie has the largest range of web radios in Belgium. And when we love, we don’t count! For this reason, we will continue to enrich our thematic radio offer so that it remains the most extensive and efficient in the country. In 2023, Nostalgie will surprise and appear where we least expect it.

Finally, for its return, Nostalgie is enriched with a new campaign focused on music and the lives of listeners! Find it here!

For the fourth consecutive year, the soul of Nostalgia+ remains the music of our idols. The extra soul comes from its animators with a team that is expanding this year. Stephen Shaw will now host the morning show Monday through Friday. In addition, 3 new appointments are emerging: Rock Attitude, Esprit Soul and Tea Time.

Nostalgie+ will soon be offering its own podcast. “In the moonlight” will address the sexuality of the over 55s without taboos. With Canadian psychologist and sexologist Yvon Dallaire and the Belgian therapist Maria TapernouxSabine Mathus will share advice, testimonials and discuss misconceptions on this topic.

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