Because I will probably get certified as a Scrum Master

Because I will probably get certified as a Scrum Master

I haven’t made the decision yet but I’ve already started thinking about it seriously. In my case that’s almost a sure sign that I’ll make the move.

It’s official. We started working with Jira and Confluence last week. Now it’s about making sure you’re on the right track. The beginning part is the easy part. Making sure what we’re doing makes sense and that we’re not just following the trend of doing Scrum is another. I don’t want to follow a methodology just because, but to best adapt it to our needs.

Why get certified?

Thinking only of our team, I don’t think I would take him seriously. My case is a bit particular in also carrying out consultancy projects for customers. In recent years, what I have done the most has been project management in the e-commerce field. I have also almost always worked with development teams that followed the Scrum methodology.

Lately I see many offers of projects where Scrum Masters are sought and also with a certificate. It is something that is quite popular in Germany. In the context of project management the PRINCE certificate could also make sense.

How to get ROI from certificate?

In my case it would get a double benefit. On the one hand, they were able to immediately put what they learned into practice in our organization. This at the same time would give me experience with which I could apply for projects looking for just that.

The cost of the certification is around 1,800 euros. You can also find it a little cheaper if you do it 100% online. In this case I think I’d like to do something live, also to meet people who could be interesting on a professional (or even personal) level.

It is said. Now I have to give it a try to see if it makes sense to me.

Stay tuned.

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