Meta publishes a new report on the evolution of consumption and what marketers need to consider

Meta publishes a new report on the evolution of consumption and what marketers need to consider

Meta has released a new report examining the key changes in consumption that brands need to consider in their marketing, highlighting some important notes that all companies need to take into account.

The research, conducted by Meta, in collaboration with Kantar and Nielsen, focuses on opportunities in the Asia-Pacific market, although many lessons and notes would be largely universal, as they relate to global economic and behavioral changes.

As explained by Meta:

Businesses today are facing a new reality: an uncertain macroeconomic landscape, increasing pressure on profitability, efficiency and business results, and changing media consumption habits. As a result of these changes, marketers are finding that their tried-and-true marketing mixes no longer work as well as they once did. Instead, brands are finding that spending more on digital platforms can bring big benefits, including greater efficiency and return on ad spend.”

Who would have thought that a company that generates the majority of its revenue from advertising dollars is encouraging companies to spend more on advertising? What a surprise.

Aside from the obvious presentation, the 22-page report includes a series of notes and insights backed by research on why expanding digital marketing initiatives can help boost business.

First, Meta provides this interesting overview of the evolution of the online discovery and consumption process, which now includes messaging as a much more important channel.

Metamarketing mix report

As you can see on the far right, the main pillars of this new shift are the creator economy, the rise of short-form video, business messaging, and artificial intelligence.

Which are probably the keys you’d expect, but each represents an important element for marketers to focus on, based on broader habitual shifts among consumers.

Also worth noting: a rare mention of Meta’s Novi crypto payments project in the diagram, which is now run by an internal group called F2, which focuses on in-stream payments. Meta’s Novi project has faced a lot of obstacles and seems mostly disused, but Meta is clearly keeping it in its plans, at least in this overview.

In the rest of the guide Meta provides an in-depth overview of each of these four elements, including some interesting statistics on consumption habits.

Metamarketing mix report

There are also some valuable notes on the impact of different ad formats on their usage.

Metamarketing mix report

Second Meta:

Research conducted by Kantar found that, on average, Meta is 3.2 times more cost-effective in delivering equity impact than television. Despite representing the lowest average share of spending (6%), Meta contributed the second highest reach (44%) after television.

The guide then provides some summary notes on how to act on each of the highlighted elements and integrate them into your approach.

Metamarketing mix report

Overall, it’s a quick overview, with some interesting statistics, that will no doubt get you thinking about the latest consumer shifts and how to align with each one.

It could change your approach to holiday marketing or, at least, make you more aware of where consumers are now looking for information and services.

You can download the full version of Meta”Rethinking the effectiveness of the media mix in the new digital landscape” here.

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