Discover the new Google Demand Gen advertising solution Effilab

Discover the new Google Demand Gen advertising solution – Effilab

The rise of AI-powered Demand Gen: Discover Google’s new Demand Gen advertising solution

Google’s AI handles much of what people love about YouTube: content recommendations, accessibility, user experience, and more. As Google shared during Google Marketing Live, it also provides advertising solutions that help you run your business.

From 2024, Discovery will be replaced by Demand Gen Ads, Google Ads’ AI-powered advertising solutions. Through these new campaigns, Google intends to optimize advertisers’ creativity and stimulate demand. They facilitate the connection with consumers and drive demand from the middle stage to purchase. Research already shows that 87% of consumers say YouTube helps them make purchasing decisions faster.

So what’s new? Find out the answer in this article.

Drive action on YouTube and Google with demand generation campaigns

Demand Gen campaigns offer a set of unique features designed specifically for the needs of today’s social marketers. Research shows that 91% of consumers took immediate action after discovering new products or brands on Google feeds, such as Discover or Gmail.

With Demand Gen, your best-performing video and image assets are integrated into our most visual, entertainment-focused touchpoints: YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover, and Gmail. These products reach more than 3 billion monthly users while streaming, scrolling and connecting.

With Demand Gen’s all-new creation workflow, it’s easier than ever to import your best-performing video and image assets into Google Ads and preview how they will appear before publishing.

Key features of Demand Gen campaigns

  • Expanded scope: Demand Gen campaigns span various Google and YouTube domains, including YouTube Home, Search, Watch Next, Discover, Gmail, YouTube Shorts, and YouTube In-Stream.
  • Tailored advertising experiences: Unlike traditional discovery ads, Demand Gen campaigns integrate both image and video ads into a single campaign. Advertisers can also preview their creatives on different surfaces and run creative A/B experiments to maximize their impact.
  • Various advertising formats: Advertisers can experiment with a range of formats, such as short-form video, carousels, portraits and square images, customizing their approach to maximize engagement.
  • Flexible bidding options: Demand Gen campaigns leverage a range of dynamic bidding strategies, revolutionizing the art of campaign optimization. Offering a versatile toolkit for advertisers, these strategies, powered by Google’s AI, are designed to target campaigns towards unique objectives.
  • Maximize clicks: A beacon for driving valuable traffic to your website, the “Maximize Clicks” strategy prioritizes engaging high-value users within your budget. Whether you use image or video ads, this strategy improves website traffic without the need for conversion tracking, so it’s a streamlined approach to achieving impactful results.
  • Conversion-based bidding: efficiency plays a central role in this strategy. Bidding is strategically aligned to conversions that drive optimal profitability or total conversions for your business. Whether reaching a target CPA or maximizing conversions, this approach is a pursuit of conversion excellence.
  • Value-based offers: Rooted in value, this strategy resonates with businesses seeking greater conversion value. By bidding on conversions that represent substantial value, value-based bidding places an emphasis on achieving a target ROAS. This strategy is a beacon for companies looking to maximize their ROI.
  • Advanced reporting and metrics: New features include branding and search metrics for YouTube in image and video ads.
  • Audience optimization: Demand Gen campaigns leverage similar segments to effectively target Google audiences, improving reach and relevance.

Expand beyond existing customers with similar segments

You can make these campaigns even smarter and more relevant by matching custom creatives to completely new similar segments based on your audience lists.

By optimizing for conversions and using Maximize Clicks bidding, you can create highly relevant campaigns based on your goals that drive the right action at the right time. For example, you might choose to increase conversions from existing customers by offering them a discount on a new product line. You can also generate demand by attracting new lookalike audiences to your site with a special offer to join your brand’s membership program.

The power of Demand Gen campaigns

  • Influence on consumer behavior: As the use of video increases in consumer decision making, Demand Gen campaigns leverage this potential to generate demand and fuel conversions.
  • YouTube Influence: YouTube has a large and highly engaged audience looking for quality product information. Its various ad formats serve various purposes, from skippable ads to non-skippable bumper ads.
  • Multi-channel dynamics: Demand Gen campaigns not only leverage the power of YouTube, but also integrate with other channels like Discovery and Gmail. Studies show that 63% of consumers discover new products and brands through Google feeds, and 91% of them convert.

The future of online advertising lies in artificial intelligence, and Google is positioning itself as a leader with its Demand Gen solution. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to drive demand, businesses can expect more effective campaigns, better personalization, and better results. tangible. Don’t hesitate to contact our Google Ads Partner Premier agency to optimize and implement your Demand Gen advertising campaigns.

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