Meta launches updated WhatsApp Mac app, with updated video calling features

Meta launches updated WhatsApp Mac app, with updated video calling features

Meta has launched an updated WhatsApp desktop app for Mac users, which incorporates most of the same updates as the updated WhatsApp Windows app, which it relaunched in August last year.

WhatsApp application for Mac

The main addition to the WhatsApp Mac app is the expansion of group video calling, with users now able to make calls with up to 8 people and up to 32 participants for audio chats.

According to WhatsApp:

“You can now join a group call after it has started, see your call history and choose to receive incoming call notifications even when the app is closed. The app has also been redesigned to be more familiar to Mac users, helping you get more done faster when using WhatsApp on a large screen.”

WhatsApp has expanded its video options, as it appears to align with evolving usage behaviors and provide a more compelling and engaging connection experience. WhatsApp also recently added screen sharing for video calls and video messages, building on its core messaging feature.

The new Mac app also includes improved drag-and-drop file sharing capability, an updated view of chat history and more, with everything secured with WhatsApp’s standard end-to-end encryption.

As more and more questions about data security are raised, WhatsApp has continued to see increased usage, with Meta reporting it in October last year North America is now WhatsApp’s fastest growing region.

For a long time, WhatsApp was seen more as an app for developing markets and remains the leading messaging platform in many regions. But the growth in usage in the US presents a new opportunity for the app, which could see more businesses consider their connection options as well.

And that’s where these new desktop apps could be particularly useful. And with more and more businesses now using click-to-message ads, as well as paid messaging on WhatsApp (which grew 40% quarter-over-quarter in Q1 23), WhatsApp’s opportunities might be worth exploring as well.

You can download the new WhatsApp app for Mac from whatsapp.comwhile it is also coming soon on the App Store.

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