Google says it is ready to roll out Bard AI on its search engine Effilab

Google says it is ready to roll out Bard AI on its search engine – Effilab

Google says it is ready to launch AI Bard on its search engine

Google, the most popular search engine in the world, is known for constantly improving its algorithm in order to provide increasingly relevant search results to its users.

Recently, a an interview given to the New York TimesSundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, has indicated that Google will soon gradually integrate its generative AI, Bard, into its search engine. He announces that the company had to accelerate, driven by competition from Microsoft with ChatGPT, of OpenAI.

BARD, short for Bidirection Encoder Representations from Transformers, is a technology developed by Google that uses natural language processing understanding models to process search queries.

A shocking change

Concretely, what will this change? It could just mess up the way we search for information on Google. In addition to typing keywords or phrases into the search bar, users will be able to ask additional questions or ask the engine to perform much more specific searches.

Bard technology is already used in some Google apps, such as Google Assistant and Google Translate. It has also been integrated into other enterprise products, such as Google Ads and Google Cloud AI. However, adding Bard to Google Search could have a significant impact on your search experience.

By integrating Bard into its search engine, Google could improve its algorithms’ understanding of longer, more complex search queries, resulting in more accurate and relevant search results. This would allow users to find answers to more complex questions faster and easier.

However, integrating Bard into Google Search could also have negative effects. Some fear that technology may not be able to distinguish between opinion and fact, which could lead to the spread of misinformation and manipulation online. Others fear that the use of the technology gives Google an unfair advantage over its competitors.

Google advances with reservations

If Google isn’t going as fast as Microsoft, it’s not just because of a lack of vision or technical mastery. Of course there is a image issue: putting an unreliable artificial intelligence online, but also a financial issue. Google also needs to think of a way to monetize Bard in its search engine.

Changing Google’s search system will inevitably affect the natural referencing of websites. The web SEO strategy will have to be scalable and responsive, depending on the changes that Google will make. The web has always been a constantly evolving world, but it will be necessary to be even more vigilant than usual on this crucial issue for many sites and companies.

Despite these concerns, Bard’s integration with Google Search is a natural evolution for Google, which is constantly looking to improve its search engine and provide a better search experience for its users.

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