Meta is preparing to launch AI Personas to retain and engage users

Meta is preparing to launch AI Personas to retain and engage users

According to industry sources, Meta is preparing to launch its AI Personas feature in a bid to increase engagement with its products.

Already in January, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the creation of a new one “high level product group” focusing on generative AI and its role in creating a range of short- and long-term capabilities.

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One of these features is the AI ​​characters, which could “helping people in various ways” – think AI-powered chat experiences on WhatsApp and Messenger, images (for example, the ability to use AI to create Instagram filters and/or advertising formats), and even video experiences.

According to the Financial Times, Meta’s work on AI characters is well underway, with the possibility of the new features launching very soon, even as early as next month.

In addition to Zuckerberg’s mention of AI capabilities during Meta’s earnings call most recently, earlier this summer, we also caught a whiff of a new “Chat with an AI” characteristic discovered and disclosed by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi within the Instagram app.

The feature will apparently provide a chatbot that can answer questions and give advice to 30 different AI-based personalities and help users compose messages.

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The AI ​​characters feature is expected to give users new ways to search for and get advice, and Meta hopes it will help increase engagement with its products.

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