LinkedIn is moving towards short videos!

LinkedIn is moving towards short videos!
LinkedIn is no exception: the time has come for this social platform dedicated to professionals to try short videos. After Daily, a new feed comparable to TikTok will offer even more opportunities for creators, which primarily corresponds to professional networking goals. Let’s discover this new feature together…

Users most engaged with “Diario”

For this professional social network, its rise in power is undeniable in recent years! LinkedIn account more than one billion users distributed in more than 200 countries according to its latest statistics. Besides, 3 members join every second.

But the Microsoft subsidiary wants to go even further and is now betting on short videos. This feed has already proven itself on other social platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and even Netflix. By choosing to follow the trend, you intend further increase the participation of your users.

Furthermore, experimenting with short videos would be a necessary step for social networks as long as they offer experiences adapted to their environment. For LinkedIn, this new format focuses on development and learning and not about entertainment. That’s why in January Try “Daily” for the first time in the standalone LinkedIn Learning appbefore possibly entering it into the LinkedIn feed.

By testing it in a standalone app, you can collect data points and insights from the most relevant audience without interrupting your LinkedIn feed with multiple short videos.

How does it work ?

Lindsey Gamble, Creator Marketing and LinkedIn ‘Top Voice’, Revealed All the steps in your LinkedIn account to use it:

  • Swipe vertically to explore and watch videos from LinkedIn Learning instructors.
  • Double-tap or click the light bulb icon to express interest in a video.
  • Follow instructors and skills to connect with more content.

A new tab called “Video” inspired by TikTok on LinkedIn

Always respecting the principles and values of LinkedIn, A new TikTok-style feed has just been revealed by TechCrunch To further respond to user preferences, specify the signature. Creators can use it to publicize their expertise, develop their audience, share news, tips and experiences, or promote an event, for example. Endless opportunities will open up even more!

At the end of March, LinkedIn experienced a video stream similar to TikTok in your application. If you still don’t see a new tab called “Video” in the platform’s navigation bar, it’s normal.

But when you click on it, you go to a vertical feed that includes short videos with the three usual interactions: like, comment and share.

Did you used to share text and images on LinkedIn, sometimes links to your website? You are already thinking about how to take advantage of this new content format. If you have already published video content of this type on other social platforms such as YouTube Shorts, Instagram Real or TikTok for example, you will have no problem doing it on LinkedIn.

And even for beginners, the steps to follow are relatively simple to drive engagement and discovery on the platform.

What you should know is that a short video only lasts a few seconds and not two or three minutes to retain attention without getting boring. From the first seconds, your post must Capture your audience’s attention and hook them quickly.

To highlight,So listen to something innovative and original! You can include an influencer who knows your field of activity, for example. This type of content is also a good tool for converting prospects into customers. So, don’t forget to add a call to action link to your website or online store.

Specifically, you can, for example, publish a video presenting a new product or BtoB service. This will help promote your brand or business in a specific community. You can also create content announcing the launch of a product or the organization of a webinar, with the aim of awakening the interest and curiosity of your audience.

Additionally, short videos can be used on LinkedIn to expand your audience. You will be able to collaborate with another company to create content together, which will be seen by both your community and that of your partner. And why not publish video posts in the form of FAQs, tutorials or how-to’s?

Thanks to this new flow you will be able to reach your target more effectively. Obviously, your content must be related to your profession, your activity or your business. This new feature should make the platform even richer, livelier and more dynamic!

So what do you think about integrating short videos on LinkedIn?

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