Launch of version 2.3 of Google Ads Editor

Launch of version 2.3 of Google Ads Editor

Launch of version 2.3 of Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor, Google’s powerful advertising management tool, is constantly updated to provide advertisers with an improved and more efficient experience. The year 2023 brings many new features and updates to Google Ads Editor, allowing advertisers to manage their advertising campaigns even more efficiently.

Google Ads Editor 2.3

This article introduces the latest Google Ads Editor features in 2023:

  1. File support for image assets: Advertisers can now easily import and export image resources as files in addition to using URLs.
  2. Map display for picture elements: Image assets can now be displayed as cards in addition to table display.
  3. Resource Support: Full support is now available for updated resources such as image resources, auto-created resources, location resources, and business information resources. Legacy data will become stale as assets are updated.
  4. Main View Status Buttons: Some PDS (Primary Display Status) patterns are now clickable buttons, allowing advertisers to quickly resolve issues that may be preventing campaigns from delivering.
  5. Other PDS reasons: More PDS reasons are now available, including “Limited by bid target” and “Limited by budget soon.”
  6. Automation of text elements for maximum performance: Advertisers can now enable or disable text asset automation for campaigns for maximum performance.
  7. Add a Google Video partner recommendation : The publisher will now display recommendations for adding Google video partners, allowing advertisers to use the same targeting options between video partners for their video campaigns.
  8. Auction Explorer: The editor now shows multiple recommended bids for Target CPA and Target ROAS bidding strategies, including planned improvements for each option.
  9. Geographic targeting: The editor now has location targeting for “radius around groups of locations” and “radius around all locations in linked feed”.
  10. Discovery ads and campaigns with Product Feed support: The editor now supports Discovery ads and campaigns with product feeds, allowing advertisers to display their products in Discovery ads. Learn more about Discovery campaigns.
  11. Appropriate pluralization in messages: Messages are now updated with the correct pluralization form that supports other languages.
  12. Notifications: More notification types are now available in Editor 2.3 so that users are better informed about the status of their accounts.

Some features are now gone in this new version 2.3 of Google Ads Editor:

  1. Best content bid adjustment: The “Bid adjustment for top content” setting is no longer supported and has been removed in the 2.3 editor.
  2. Create a recommendation for Dynamic Search Ads : Editor version 2.3 no longer displays recommendations for creating dynamic search ads.

See Google’s announcement for more information Here.

New features can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns. For example, by supporting Discovery ads and campaigns with product feeds, you can expand your reach and introduce your products to more potential customers. The notification feature keeps you up to date on the status of your accounts and allows you to take immediate action to resolve any issues.

To sum up, this new version of Google Ads Editor 2.3 is much more complete and closer and closer to the features of the online version to facilitate the work of SEA consultants.

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