I tested NoCRM, a sales prospecting software [article sponsorisé]

I tested NoCRM, a sales prospecting software [article sponsorisé]

noCRM is sales prospecting software for tracking business opportunities with the goal of helping sales teams close more deals, faster.

Unlike traditional CRMs that focus on organizing data, noCRM focuses on the sales process, allowing sales reps to focus on their main task of converting prospects into customers.

This Saas solution, a French company founded in 2013 by Sunny PARIS (one of the founders of Weborama) and Güven Urganci, has over 3,000 customers and is used by over 11,000 users in over 80 countries.

Today I will introduce you to the four main features of noCRM as well as its attractive points.

4 main features of noCRM

noCRM offers several essential features for setting up commercial prospecting campaigns.

Create business opportunities

noCRM enables the creation of business opportunities from multiple sources, such as B. a contact form, a LinkedIn page or email, etc.

However, an opportunity can also consist of one or more names and, for example, a telephone number, which are entered manually into the user interface without the need to create a prospect file that is linked to a company file.

This is an important difference to many traditional CRMs.

noCRM cue option

The seller is therefore able to create an opportunity even if he does not fill in all the fields of the opportunity form.
The generated opportunities are part of a sales funnel (or pipeline) with multiple stages in the sales process.

By default, this sales tunnel consists of 4 phases: entry, contact, sending of offer, negotiation. However, it remains fully configurable. In addition, the user is allowed to add, modify or delete phases. It’s even possible to associate teams, users, and tag categories with pipelines thanks to the pipeline-centric customization feature.

NOCRM tunnel sale

In the interface, the pipeline materializes in a Kanban-like column board where the opportunity moves to the next stage as the lead progresses through the sales flow.

The sales funnel takes a central place in noCRM.

Displayed on the home page, it offers an information query according to the established phases or the expected closing date of the opportunities (closing).

There are 3 display types available: Pipeline, Compact, Extended.

In addition, the sales representative is authorized to filter the data according to 8 options:

  • status
    • Active: to do, pending
    • Closed: lost, won, cancelled
  • Tag (type of service, city, country, etc.)
  • Single step of tunnel
  • Activity planned (call, appointment, email) or completed (call successful/unsuccessful), email received, appointment
  • Date
  • prospecting file
  • customer file
  • Only the most important
Nocrm tunnel selling filter

This personalization serves to quickly identify relevant information to make sales prospecting more effective.

Plan actions

Once the opportunity is created, the seller records the actions taken on the opportunity sheet.

As a result, he may have called the prospect and managed to reach him to offer him an appointment, which was accepted.

Or he sent the interested party an e-mail with the company’s presentation brochure directly via the interface.

The seller enters all actions taken in the “Activity” field and keeps a history of the actions taken.

It also schedules the next upcoming action (e.g. a phone call) and sets an automatic reminder date (day, time, duration).

The status of the opportunity changes from “to do” to “pending”.

nocrm opportunity status

When the time comes, the seller identifies a reminder in the user interface and also consults it in their calendar if they have done the synchronization.

Once the new action is executed, two scenarios are possible:

  • The prospect is converted (example: signing the offer) = the seller changes the status of the opportunity from pending to won, indicating the amount of the transaction.
  • The lead is not converted = the seller changes the status of the opportunity from pending to lost or canceled.

When the prospect converts, the opportunity is removed from the conversion funnel and the prospect is added to the customer database, where the opportunities won can be viewed.

manage leads

With noCRM it is possible to import cold leads in order to qualify them.

The seller chooses their qualification method: call, email, video, appointment, etc.

When the seller decides to call their prospect, they have an existing call script model (e.g., B2B phone prospecting) that is fully customizable.

Nocrm script for phone acquisition

An ultimately unqualified lead can be deactivated or deleted, while a qualified lead leads to the creation of an opportunity.

NoCRM offers two methods to create a prospecting file:

  • Upload an Excel or CSV file
  • The creation of an empty list that is filled in manually via the API or a no-code integration.
nocrm prospecting file

The prospecting file on noCRM looks like an Excel file, but in an improved version.

For example, the user can filter prospects based on several choices:

  • A qualifier
  • Created with a chance
  • No opportunity created
  • Cancelled
  • Not disabled
  • With possible duplicates

Synthetically, the prospect file contains the prospect’s identity and contact information.

NOCRM lead sheet

An automatic duplicate detection feature makes it possible to avoid contacting a prospect that already exists in noCRM (different seller, opportunity already created, etc.).

Analyze the results

The Statistics tab displays several indicators for analyzing general performance and sales performance, available in different sections:

company performance

norcrm company performance
  • Filter: Team, User, Pipeline, Tag
  • Number of opportunities won, total deal amount, average value per opportunity

The data is displayed monthly over the selected period.

sales development

nocrm sales performance
  • Number of won opportunities and revenue per salesperson

commercial activities

norcrm commercial activities
  • Volume for each available share
  • Amount of opportunities created, given and won

sales forecast

nocrm sales forecasts
  • Forecast the number of opportunities and their amount per month or the total amount over the period in question with the average probability

This data is based on the current state of the sales funnel.

Analyze the prospecting campaign using the file used

nocrm prospecting file analysis
Nocrm analysis prospecting file
  • main name
  • Number of opportunities created
  • % of conversion to leads
  • Number of canceled or lost opportunities
  • Number of chances won
  • % of chances won
  • generated revenue
  • The results obtained from commercial

Attractive points from noCRM

Beyond the main features described above, NoCRM has other attractive points that I want to highlight.

Firstly, the user can create more than one sales funnel and easily switch between their pipelines (expert or dream team edition). He can thus create a sales tunnel by product/service, a customer follow-up tunnel, etc.

nocrm pipeline vente
nocrm pipeline vente

In addition, each element of the sales process is configurable: the stages of the sales funnel, the standard fields for opportunities and contacts, the categories of opportunities, etc. Fields can be deleted, modified or deleted. This gives noCRM great flexibility.

NoCRM integrates with over 5,000 tools, either natively or with no-code tools (e.g. Zapier). The following solutions are supported for email and calendar: Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! and Google, Outlook Calendar or Calendar. In general, however, a larger selection of native integrations would have been desirable.

Finally, noCRM is GDPR compliant, offers 2-factor authentication and is available as an app version on the AppStore and Google Play.


noCRM is suitable for companies that are looking for a simple and effective solution to organize their sales prospecting process and increase their conversion rate from prospects to customers.

Unlike more global solutions that integrate marketing automation or sales management capabilities, noCRM focuses on key sales-related tasks such as opportunity management, action planning, and tracking results.

It is suitable for single sales teams as well as those with up to 50 sales reps.

The different formulas offered by noCRM allow companies to choose the option that best suits their needs, depending on the size of their sales team and their budget (from €12/month/user to €35/month/user with no commitment or from €10). /month/user up to €29/month/user with an annual commitment).

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