Internal newsletter design: the 8 trends of 2024

Internal newsletter design: the 8 trends of 2024

Our intense daily monitoring has allowed us to identify eight design trends in newsletters, which can very well be applied to your internal communications. Renew your readers’ interest by updating your designs!

1) minimalism

Less is more! We regularly find this trend on the catwalks. The philosophy is simple: in a world ofinfobesityLet’s get to the point!

internal design trends newsletters: minimalism internal design trends newsletters: minimalism

2) dark mode

The dark side has its attractions! In addition to the fact that this trend is massive, it has several advantages: reduction in visual fatigue, legibility maintained even in low light, battery conservation, greater comfort for people with certain visual disabilities, etc.

3) Nostalgia/Retro Design

The greatest of advertisers has it great. inclined ! You immediately create an emotional connection with your audience by resurrecting emotions. Why not inject some? retro in your designs?

4) Bold fonts

Here is a case where we will not resist! The sources have an often underexploited potential for tell stories and graphic impact.

5) Subtle use of colors

A little delicacy and nuances to express your intentions, seeking unity, mixing instead of stark contrasts. This is what we see in more than one design.

6) Animation

What’s better than a short animation to spark your readers’ interest? But subtly, with a wink: look at these examples.

7) Monochrome and duochrome…

They are on a boat… The point? Sobriety, efficiency, focus on content.

8) Accessibility

It’s the art of making your newsletter readable to as many people as possible. Therefore, there is a notion of inclusion: people with visual disabilities (color palettes “ compatible“, images with subtitles, text version of the newsletter, etc.), with small devices (responsive design), with a bad Internet connection (optimized images and code), etc. Therefore, this not only affects the design but also the code.

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