Instagram shares a new explanation on key advertising metrics [Infographic]

Instagram shares a new explanation on key advertising metrics [Infographic]

If you’ve been in digital marketing for a while, you’re no doubt aware of what all the various metrics and acronyms mean to your process. Know your impression against your engagement data, your CTR from your CTA, understand MER, ROAS, etc.

But if you’re just starting out, that last sentence probably made your head ache and probably prompted you to do some quick google searches to catch up and/or check if I just made them up (I didn’t).

It’s easy to forget that general knowledge for the most part isn’t universal, and as such, it’s important to clarify what each statistic and metric actually represents, even platform-by-platform in some cases, to ensure that you and your team are all in the know. accord the same page.

This might help. This week, Instagram released a new overview of key advertising metrics and what each of them actually means in practical terms, which could help you in your planning.

We’ve rounded up the full overview in the infographic below.

Instagram metrics infographic

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