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Pausing Google Ads campaigns during the summer: good or bad idea?

The summer holidays have really arrived! But does the summer break also apply to Google Ads campaigns?

Summer is a time when many businesses are wondering whether it’s a good idea to pause their Google Ads campaigns. Some believe this approach helps reduce expenses and take advantage of a potential drop in demand, while others believe it is a mistake to miss out on profitable opportunities.

In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of pausing your Google Ads campaigns over the summer to help you make the best decision for your business.

1. Arguments for pausing Google Ads campaigns:

Cost reduction :

During the summer months, many companies experience a drop in business due to summer vacations and travel. Pausing Google Ads campaigns therefore reduces unnecessary advertising costs while maintaining optimal budget management.

Seasonal adaptation:

Some companies, such as those specializing in winter products, may see a significant drop in demand during the summer. Pausing advertising campaigns during this period may therefore be a suitable strategy for these specific sectors.

2. Arguments against pausing Google Ads campaigns:

Lost Opportunities:

Pausing advertising campaigns can mean missing out on profitable opportunities. Even during the summer, some sectors may experience increased demand, including those related to recreation, tourism and summer events.

Maintain online presence:

Pausing campaigns can cause your business to be less visible online, which could impact your brand awareness in the long run. Maintaining a constant presence can help maintain engagement with current and potential customers.

Quality level

Also pay attention to the impact on your quality level. In fact, pausing your campaigns can impact your quality scores; so your performance will also suffer. The Quality Score of your account, but also that of your keywords, is extremely important. Indeed, to achieve your goals and therefore make the most of your investments in Google Ads, you will need to monitor this KPI.

Advantage over competitors

A contrary, if your competitors have had the wrong idea to deactivate their campaigns, good news for you: you will gain positions and the CPCs will drop. It will also attract new customers who used to buy from your competitors.

3. Compromise: adjustment of the strategy

An in-between approach might be to tweak your advertising strategy over the summer. You might reduce your campaign budget, target specific audiences, or offer attractive seasonal offers to drive demand. This would maintain an online presence while optimizing ad spend.

Bottom line, the decision to pause or maintain your Google Ads campaigns over the summer depends on several factors, such as your industry, the seasonality of your business, and your advertising budget. It is essential to carefully analyze trends in your market and consult with digital marketing professionals to make an informed decision. Even if it’s off-peak and your business is experiencing seasonality, you’ll want to stay on top of continuous optimization. On the other hand, you can take the opportunity to test new ideas.

Ultimately, the key is to tailor your advertising strategy to maximize results throughout the year.

Our Effilab teams are available to propose new strategies, contact us for more information.

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