Innovate and grow with digital marketing

Innovate and grow with digital marketing

Innovate and grow with digital marketing

Different revolutions occur in each sector that push us to adapt to the moment we live, the evolution of digital marketing that has transformed traditional marketing in amazing ways.

Many years ago, marketing was a discipline entirely dependent on budgetOffline marketing campaigns are expensive and depending on the means, they were unattainable for the majority. Today that has changed because every company can make a difference through it Online Marketing Promotions which end up being much cheaper and easier to control.
But first, let’s put ourselves in a situation where you can see what marketing was a few years ago.

The beginnings of digital marketing

If you were a small business years ago, you had a lot limited the marketing actions you could take, Most of these were pamphlets, propaganda distribution, billboards, subway and bus stops, appearances in directories or local newspapers, and even some radio spots.
There is one major downside to this kind of marketing: the cost was very high back then and there was no segmentation other than deciding to post in one space or another or choosing the media in which to appear based on your interests. This confused advertising as the result could not be measured in the way we can track conversions in the digital medium.
Unfortunately, the success of some measures was somewhat subjective and the stability of the marketing department depended on success in sales.
These promotions continue, even if in many cases, such as on radio and local media, the price has become cheaper thanks to competition from digital media.
For small businesses, digital marketing has opened the door to advertise in more media, have a greater impact, and know how their campaigns are performing that previously they could only draw concrete conclusions from by comparing them to last year’s sales.
Knowing what worked and being able to collect the results was a big step forward as it is much easier to work and justify the work when it is accompanied by numbers and statistics.
It’s a revolution for large companies, as they can better segment their actions and increase the performance of advertising campaigns, allowing them to reach audiences and markets that weren’t as accessible to traditional media.
It has opened up many more platforms and the ability to work on different types of campaigns at the same time while also working on exposure and performance, which was counterproductive in traditional media.

The evolution of digital marketing

Digital marketing has evolved from a “website” to a, in many cases, active sales channel through which we always know what is happening and know the sales data.
Later, virtual directories emerged to compete with physical directories and classified ads, later to give way to search engine search and display ads.
Social networks have evolved into an attractive medium for appearance and this has resulted in many businesses taking off thanks to organic promotions as well as online promotions and advertising which has proven to be very effective.
Today, with smart TVs and augmented reality, new formats are emerging that will play a major role in the years to come.

Measure everything, data is gold

One of the advantages that digital marketing offers compared to traditional marketing is that the return on investment can be reliably measured, which has led many companies to spend heavily on the digital side as it is easier to justify and defend is. .
One of the biggest challenges is the analysis that allows us to work better and reduce advertising costs.
The collected analytics are important because thanks to them we get an accurate picture of how our consumers are, and that was unthinkable before.

Without training it is impossible to keep up

Digital marketing is changing very quickly, so it is very important to educate yourself and attend courses frequently to avoid stagnation.
Both the companies and the market itself are integrating new platforms and markets to work in. Therefore, training is very important. It is advisable to pursue a master’s degree or degree and then expand to achieve a broader portfolio of work.

Wagering on graduating with a master’s degree in marketing is a golden brooch that will help you navigate the job market.

Digital marketing has removed the boundaries

Thanks to digital marketing and its development, many companies have You can think about going international, which was unthinkable years ago when offline media costs were prohibitive and access wasn’t as easy as online advertising platforms.

An opportunity not to be missed

The field of digital marketing is growing and booming, many job profiles are finding work in this world as well, as both the creative and the analytical part of marketing are constantly expanding.
There are more and more people who are reversing their careers and starting an education in any of the different specialties of marketing as the chances of finding a job are high.

The digital strategy of companies is growing

One of the things we saw in the pandemic was that the need to work online and be present on the internet is very important. Because of this, companies are tripping up their focus on online departments and now more than ever they value a marketing strategy designed to grow the business.

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