How to write an impactful email for potential customers?

How to write an impactful email for potential customers?

Freelance How to write a potentially impactful email

Let’s tell the truth. Nobody likes to sell themselves.

Getting rejected and wasting your time, thanks but… no thanks.

I remember the time when I sent dozens of copied and pasted emails a day. I was both excited but very disappointed when I received a rejection. Really, it wasn’t fun.

But after 1 month I realized my mistakes. I did it differently. And guess what: she paid off because that’s where it all started.

Today I see “cold” prospecting differently. Because it can also bring you great customers. And whether you’re a beginner or an experienced freelancer, it remains a great way to find missions.

The truth is, if you don’t know how to write a prospect email, you may depend on freelance sites FOR YOUR LIFE.

In this article, you’ll discover the 7 common mistakes found in a bad sales presentation and the 8 ingredients of a prospect email that captures your prospect’s attention.

Writing a prospecting email: the 7 mistakes that kill your conversions

Writing a prospecting email: the 7 mistakes that kill your conversions

If, after sending dozens and dozens of prospecting emails, you have only received rejections, you have certainly made one or more of these mistakes.

1. Tell your life story

I’ll be honest: customers don’t care about you. They just want to know what you can do for them.

When writing an email to a potential client, include a few lines about who you are and your background, but avoid romance.

The pavement where the fifty-year-old freelancer tells how, at the age of 18, his parents forced him to study, something he didn’t want. And then how he lived a life that wasn’t his. He waited for his father’s death to have a triggering effect and he could finally tell himself that he was meant to become independent.

It’s just not possible.

2. You’re too vague

In reverse, Don’t be too mysterious, then your potential customer has to search for information on his own (he’s lazy :)). Tell them why you are writing to them, who you are (point 1) and show them that you are made to work with them (portfolio, link to your site).

3. You are not concise

The people you write to are professionals. They don’t have time. Don’t waste them by writing long-winded emails.

If you bore them with unimportant details, you will hardly be able to overcome this first step as a winner.

Write a prospect email with the 7 mistakes that kill your conversion insights

4. Copy and paste the same email for all your prospects

This is the world-class mistake.

Customers have different needs, targets, services and products. You need to personalize your emails to each one to show that you are at least interested in their business.

Of course, you can use templates, but never forget to include details for each prospect.

5. You demonstrate your inexperience or lack of self-confidence

If you’ve never worked in the niche of the prospect you’re writing your sales proposal to, don’t say so. Highlight projects you have successfully completed.

Your email must exude trust and credibility.

6. Send an attachment

This is extra work for the recipient. He doesn’t want to open an attachment and read to you. What you need to do is get straight to the point.. If he wants to know more, he’ll ask you himself.

Additionally, an email with an attachment is likely to end up in spam.

7. You don’t use copywriting techniques to sell yourself

Copywriting is the art and way of persuading someone to take action.

What you want with your prospecting email is to receive a call, a quote request, questions about your services.

To achieve this goal, bring out the paraphernalia of the perfect copywriter:

  • from social proof with testimonials, figures, successful projects
  • make you want to your recipient by describing their ideal future once they use your services
  • of the’empathy : Show that you understand him by talking about his problems
  • of the’authority demonstrating knowledge of the topic. Provide them with practical advice related to their niche

Now that you know what mistakes to avoid, let’s talk about what your sales proposals should contain.

The 8 essential ingredients of a prospecting email for freelancers

The 8 essential ingredients of a prospecting email for freelancers

1. Research, research, research

It is vitally important. Become familiar with the style and tone of your prospect’s site, if they have one.

Check out their tweets, their Facebook page, their LinkedIn account. Set a Google alert to receive breaking news or announcements. After, wow them with a presentation that speaks directly to the problem they have and how you can solve it with your freelance skills.

2. Personalization

Do not address your email to “Dear Sir”. It’s lazy and too generic. The editors and marketing managers all have names and email addresses, which aren’t that hard to find. Check out Linkedin to find out who you should write to.

This shows that you did your job and that you have attention to detail.

3. An irresistible email subject line

The subject of your email must attract attention. Try some techniques like these:

  • To be Short : 5 to 7 words max
  • customize the subject with the recipient’s name. For example: “Mary, I have great news for you.”
  • talk about them problems. “Bertrand, do you need help keeping your blog updated?”

If you were recommended by a mutual friend or business associate, use their name: “Benoît Dupont suggested I leave you a message.”

The 8 essential ingredients of a freelance prospecting email

4. Phish the recipient

The goal is to demonstrate, from the first lines, that you understand the needs of their audience or business and can bring something new and fresh to the table.

Little copywriting tip: make them agree with what you say and want to know more!

Here are some ideas for writing a prospecting email that will captivate your reader:

  • pique their interest with a question : “Is social media marketing a priority for your business?”
  • stroke his ego : “Your recent article on knitting for beginners was fascinating. I have a great idea for a story that will expand on the topic and increase the authority of your blog in this niche.
  • let them know that you can solve a current problem for your business or for your audience: “Did you know that 90% of 25-40 year olds fear they will never be able to become owners? With my content ideas, you can show your audience how owning a home is possible.”

5. Be relevant

Don’t talk about your degree in Philosophy if you want to write for a food blog. But if you have taken courses with a chef for example, specify it.

6. Highlight the benefits of using your services

It is one of the most important ingredients. How will you help the client’s audience? How relevant or timely are you? What gives you an edge?

For example, if you’re introducing yourself to a new client, you might say something like, “What would you say if I could help you increase traffic to your website and increase your sales?”

It’s no better than a banal: “I’m an SEO writer and I’d like to help you write good articles.”

7. Explain why you are the best fit for the company

They are convinced of the advantages of using a freelancer. Now you have to sell yourself. This is where you can brag a little using social proof. But make sure everything is relevant to the topic you are proposing.

Here’s what you can include:

  • your experience (or your passion for) the niche
  • your experience in the theme
  • all the qualifications which add credibility to the topic
  • links to some of your best ones projects to illustrate your talent

8. Make it really easy to reach you

Of course, the customer goes to your email address, but sometimes people prefer to chat in person.

Include yours phone number and your location so they know what time zone you are in. Better yet, create a professional email signature, with all relevant contact details and links included.

There are free or paid tools to create a custom signature. Here are some:

If you are located in the same city as your potential clients, this can also be an advantage because many clients prefer to use local freelancers. Tell them you’re available for a face-to-face meeting anytime.

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