Enrich your CRM with data from social networks

The relationships between companies and their customers have changed significantly since the advent of digital tools. Furthermore, in an increasingly connected world, the points of interaction have multiplied, giving way to hybrid or omnichannel customer journeys. As social networks are increasingly becoming part of consumers’ daily lives, it is now more than necessary to integrate them into business life. But is it really possible to collect information to enrich your CRM? How to do it and what are the advantages? All the details in this article.

Social networks at the center of customer relationship strategy

In this digital age, many companies resort to the use of technological tools to improve their daily work productivity. CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is a concrete example. An essential solution for effectively managing customer relationships, they allow you to process and analyze information on customers and prospects.

For their part, social networks continue to evolve, leading to the creation of new platforms. Aware of the opportunities offered by these, companies use them as a communication channel to enrich their CRM data. In fact, being present on social networks allows them to encourage interaction with their customers and potential customers. Furthermore, thanks to the wealth of information circulating, it is easier for them to understand their current and future customers.

Social CRM: the perfect synergy between social networks and CRM

Using a CRM tool is helpful! Being present on social networks is better! But what does it mean to combine the power of these two tools? Well, a social CRM. This concept is relatively new, maybe it’s the first time you’re hearing it. It is an approach to managing a company’s interaction with its customers that involves integrating social media channels as a way of communicating and gathering information about customers and potential customers.

I don’t like the customer relationship management Traditionally spanning the areas of marketing, sales and customer service, social CRM extends its activities to social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. It is undeniable that consumers see social networks as the easiest way to contact a company and request a service. Then, by pairing them with your CRM, every time a customer contacts you via social networks, this interaction is automatically tracked and managed, allowing you to put your customers at the center of your operational and marketing strategy.

Utility of social CRM

One thing is certain: social networks have changed the way consumers interact with companies. Consequently, it is no longer possible to guarantee the development of a business without considering a social CRM strategy. Even some major accounts such as Microsoft have recognized its effectiveness in optimizing customer relationships. In fact, CRM connected to social networks allows you to better address customer needs and expectations and understand engagement processes and interactions.

An active presence on social networks allows you to be aware in real time of the comments expressed by your customers, but above all to communicate and collaborate with them to create value. This way, you can use their data and better understand their needs, wants and tastes. Furthermore, implementing a social CRM strategy means making your customer a true ambassador of your brand. By taking a holistic approach to each customer, you will be able to develop a fully personalized interaction and respond to customer requests more quickly.

The advantages of using social CRM

Companies that enrich their traditional CRM with information from social networks have the opportunity to create more leads and generate business opportunities that will subsequently become potential customers. Using social CRM also gives you the means to improve your brand image by better understanding customer expectations. It is therefore no longer necessary to demonstrate the advantages of this type of tool. In fact, it operates at all levels and brings benefits to all company processes, in particular the marketing department and customer service.

A considerable asset for your customer service

Combining the use of CRM with social networks is very beneficial for customer service teams, because it allows for real-time interaction with customers and prospects. In fact, thanks to the monitoring and management of customer contacts coming from different communication channels, they are able to provide a quality service. Understanding different post-sales behaviors and improving customer request resolution times is easier by relying on past stories and situations. The fact remains that consumers tend to stick to the brands that best meet their needs, so making their satisfaction one of your priorities contributes greatly to their loyalty.

CRM and social networks: the winning combination to optimize your sales

By using CRM and social networks together, your salespeople are able to track each prospect’s progress, the customer’s purchasing journey, and better understand the conversion funnel. As a result, instead of taking a traditional, blanket CRM approach, your sales teams will be able to personalize the experience for both your website users and customers in physical stores. Additionally, they can better identify customer ambassadors in order to promote them, which helps increase retention and sponsorship rates.

Social CRM: an indispensable tool in marketing

The advantage of using a CRM with social networks is to allow your marketing teams to generate high value-added content. In fact, by analyzing user comments published on social platforms, we have detailed knowledge of their expectations and needs. By placing them at the center of your commercial strategy, customers and potential customers become actors in their purchasing journey and in their relationship with you. You can also work with your brand ambassadors to develop an influencer strategy, which will promote lead generation, but more importantly increase your sales.

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