How to use infographics in your SEO strategy

How to use infographics in your SEO strategy

if we talk about it SEO we refer to Positioning of our website in search engines. Something that was unknown until a few years ago and is still the case today something essential to the success of any web.

SEO must not be neglected, otherwise your website will end up in the last search results and eventually be forgotten.

There are several ways to optimize our resultswhat is called an SEO strategy.

We will focus specifically on that the use of infographics. A very original way of creating content This is very useful for visitors, but also very beneficial for us.

Infographics LCKM

How infographics can become your best ally

What is an infographic?

A infographicAs the name indicates, This is a type of information that is transmitted graphically.

In this way, it might appear that we are only referring to a descriptive image or photograph. However, it is a much broader and more useful element.

Infographics unite visual power which may have a specific image or design, with the information conveyed by a text or graphic.

If our website is all text, it will not be attractive to anyone. Adding graphics can help reduce text load, but they’re still perceived as hard data. A priori a web design with text onlyalthough very complete and studied, will not attract visitors.

Something similar happens when images predominate or when we only have images. It acts more like an image database than a web page trying to convey information. Also, it would increase the loading speed and we would lose points, strictly speaking in SEO.

The combination of both might be just what we need. With eye-catching designs, we can capture readers’ attentionbut without renouncing the content that we want to communicate.

In addition, the combination of both helps the reader to understand more clearly the concept we are trying to convey.

If we supplement the text with numbers and relevant imageswhich serve as carrier material, We can express the message more clearly. By using these elements, we reduce the amount of captioned text so that the reader perceives it as a quick read and is interested in it.

In short, Infographics help us convey the same message but in a shorter, more eye-catching, and clearer way.

How do infographics work and why?

In the previous point, we already briefly explained what infographics consist of. It is a combination of visual content and text to get our message across.

If we know a little bit about content strategies, we’ve heard the concept Tell stories. It’s about not simply explaining a topic in an explanatory text or graphic, but trying to invent a story around it.

Customers flee long texts. Nowadays immediacy prevails and no one has time to read 400 very long paragraphs explaining a concept. We must be short, descriptive and grab the reader’s attention.

So the way we deliver the message is very important. A text accompanied by another more visual format, such as a video or an image, helps attract the customer and the message is understood more clearly.

Infographics take advantage of exactly this, since they combine most of the visual elements with the text. The latter is limited to the essentials and leaves the visual more relevant.

For this reason, With infographics, the visual is what attracts and what we need to pay special attention tobut without forgetting the text that ultimately explains the message.

But there is something more important once we have managed to get the message across. the infographics They are easy to share.

In the age of social networks and content between users, it is important that our message is reproduced as much as possible. Infographics are very easy to create share between users j can be customized for any social network profile. This allows us to expand the message much further than a simple text.

How to Create Infographics - LCKM

How do I create an infographic?

web tools

Unlike a video or a webpage, which concepts are more difficult to create, an infographic doesn’t require as much knowledge.

While knowledge of digital design can obviously go a long way in creating unique visual content, it’s not always necessary. There are many web tools that can help us create eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing content..

They are extremely simple tools intended for people who cannot use expensive and difficult to use design programs.

Canva, Crello, Be Funky or, the most complete for infographics, pictochart are just some of the names you can find with a simple search.

In just a few minutes you will understand how it works and be able to create unique infographics for your website.

What should be considered when creating an infographic?

While it might be something simple in theory, when we sit down to get them done, it’s normal that we’re not entirely clear on how or where to start.

The topic

The main thing is Be clear about what we want to convey and how.

He him Using infographics has to be something we master as we can’t talk about something without knowing it. It must also be relevant content for us and the customers.

You have to contribute, not just inform. We can rely on current events or maybe. controversial. The important thing is that enriches the reader and that he feels attracted to or sees himself reflected in it.

It is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation and documentation as we want all the information we enter to be real and verifiable.

The sound

Infographics can be approximate any subject: scientific, historical, literary, etc. We can take a more relaxed approach to a serious subject, but we must always make it clear that this is a text that has a background.

A less academic tone can help your disseminationas long as the content does not lose its seriousness.

The text

Once we already have the text, we need to reduce it to its minimum exponent. We need short, concise, but meaningful sentences. When we give numbers or percentages, they should be easy to understand and absolute.

It must be borne in mind that it is precisely from documents with eternal texts that we wish to differ. Therefore we cannot go beyond the content of the text. Only the necessary and relevant. Something that cannot be expressed with pictures.

The pictures

We can include either actual images or photos or custom designs created exclusively for this infographic. The good thing about the first ones is that they’re easy to find, but the second ones add a unique touch to our infographics.

The image we use must be very relevant to the text. Your connection should be made instantly upon viewing. It should not take the reader too long to understand the relevance in the text, since it loses its effect. Strive for common things that are easy to relate to and that fit the aesthetic.


Once we have the theme, text, and images we want to use, we need to think about how they all fit together.

You have to think about the aesthetic aspect: it should be attractive and eye-catching. An infographic that is too long or overloaded with images can be overwhelming and take away interest.

The structure must be vertical. At the moment, due to the use of mobile devices, the content is no longer displayed in landscape format. It must be in portrait format, from the beginning at the top to the end at the bottom.

Why Use Infographics LCKM?

Why Use Infographics in Your SEO Strategy?

If you’ve read the article this far, you should already know the answer to this question. Infographics can be an ideal way to organically attract visitors to your website.

On the one hand, these are elements loaded with relevant content that can interest the reader and lure him to the web. If we play our cards right These visits can become customers and increase our quota in a short time.

On the other hand, because if we know a bit about SEO, we know how useful images can be on a website. Fill in in a logical way and think about the subject, about the different names that the pictures have, We can gain many SEO points.

In addition to what we mentioned above, they can easily be shared between users. An eye-catching infographic that is also relevant to many people generates many interactions.

They are very flexible and not only can they be adapted to all kinds of themes, but their format can also be adapted to any social network where we want to publish.

Definitive, Infographics are ideal tools that can help us spread our message, reach a larger audience and attract new visitors to our website.

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