Accelerate Access to Insights: Social Data Analysis by GPT

Social media provides us with a tremendous amount of valuable data about consumer behavior and opinions, but extracting insights from chaotic and unstructured data can be difficult. At Brandwatch, we use cutting-edge AI like GPT to get to the point and reduce time to insight.

AI is grabbing headlines these days as the development of new models and capabilities accelerates, and capturing the public imagination as the technology becomes more accessible.

At Brandwatch, we’re excited to see what these developments will mean for the consumer intelligence and social media management industries and how AI can be used to solve new problems and complete tedious tasks.

Although we explore new technologies every day, we have been working with advanced AI, machine learning and statistical models for many years and are always looking for new ways to use our technology.

Our latest update leverages our AI search feature, which was the first in our industry to offer a way to find relevant data on any brand or topic with a single click, and vice versa. . Now you can have our AI examine each dataset and find all potential entities (e.g. social media handles and sites mentioned in public posts) it knows about and show you what people are talking about.

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