Artificial intelligence has revolutionized many fields and ChatGPT is a perfect example of this. This tool, developed by OpenAI, offers a multitude of possibilities to facilitate and optimize our daily activities. Whether writing articles, creating content or managing administration, ChatGPT is a great ally. In this article we will explore how to use ChatGPT well to get the most out of it.

This article on how to properly use ChatGPT is an AI-generated adaptation of this full tutorial:

How to use ChatGPT correctly?

Optimal use of ChatGPT is based on three essential pillars: role, task and context.

  • Good practice in writing suggestions :

    To obtain relevant results it is essential to clearly define the role that ChatGPT must play, the specific task to be carried out and the context in which it must be carried out. For example, if you want to get a sports training plan, specify your level, your availability and your goals.

    Real life example: “I’m new to fitness and want to workout three times a week. Can you suggest a program tailored to my needs? »

  • The importance of dividing tasks :

    To obtain quality results it is recommended to divide the request into successive phases. Instead of directly requesting a full article, start by asking for ideas, then a draft, and finally detailed content.

    Case in point: If you want to write about the benefits of yoga, start by asking for a list of points to cover, then an article structure, and finally detailed content for each section.

  • Automate with ChatGPT :

    One of the main advantages of ChatGPT is its ability to automate certain tasks. Whether it’s writing, searching for information, or creating content, ChatGPT can save you valuable time.

    Case in point: If you run an online store, ChatGPT can help you write SEO-optimized product descriptions or answer common customer questions.

Example of using ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a versatile tool that can be used in many areas:

  • Creating blog posts :

    Do you need new ideas for your blog? ChatGPT can suggest relevant topics and even write SEO-optimized articles.

    Concrete example: you run a blog about vegetarian cooking. Ask ChatGPT to provide you with a list of article ideas, such as “The 10 Best Vegetarian Recipes for Summer” or “How to Substitute Meat in Your Favorite Dishes?” »

  • Generation of administrative files :

    Save time by entrusting ChatGPT with the drafting of your administrative documents.

    Concrete example: you have to write a cover letter for an application. Instead of starting from scratch, ask ChatGPT to provide you with a framework suited to your profile and the position in question.

  • Accounting help :

    If accounting is not your strong point, ChatGPT can help you with this task.

    Concrete example: you are a freelancer and you need to manage your invoices and declarations. ChatGPT can help you organize your documents and answer your tax questions.

  • Looking for ideas on social media :

    Maintain an active social media presence with ideas and content generated by ChatGPT.

    Concrete example: you want to regularly publish your sports coaching activity on Instagram. ChatGPT can suggest post ideas, motivational quotes, or fitness tips to share.


ChatGPT is much more than just an artificial intelligence tool. It is a true partner that can help you optimize your work, save time and improve the quality of your content.

By following best practices and fully exploiting their potential, you will be able to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by this artificial intelligence revolution.

This article on how to properly use ChatGPT is an AI-generated adaptation of this YouTube video.