How to succeed in your digital transformation: The key to success

Digitization is playing an increasingly important role in the life of companies. In 2022, every second French company states that digitization will mainly contribute to their turnover. Digital transformation makes it possible to achieve strategic goals and introduce corresponding digital processes. MADMAGZ AGENCY gives you the key to a successful digital transformation.

Implement a CSR strategy

The idea of ​​”responsible digitization” is becoming more and more of concern to companies. It is a lever of choice for successfully shaping both digital and ecological change. Many companies now rely on targeted measures train their employees on climate and energy saving.

These actions include the Social responsibility of employees (CSR) is paramount. It encompasses the contribution of companies to sustainable development issues and their positive impact on society. In the top 3 main concerns of 2023 we find them health of employees (Prevention at work and QVCT).

In 2022, 76% of French digital companies say they have participated in at least one tender that meets CSR criteria. Increasing corporate IT budgets also seems to be fueling the growth of the digital sector. 48% of CIOs also declare an increase in IT budgets in 2022.

What are the main goals of the customers of the different digital players? ?

  • The security of information systems for 62% of them;
  • data analysis for 49%;
  • Improving customer experience for 43% of them.

In 2022, the importance that CIOs place on remote working and development will increase significantly. The consideration of CSR issues is also a systematic criterion in a tender. In 2023, 57% of CIOs have IT projects related to CSR issues, compared to 28% in 2022 (CAP survey conducted after 100 CIOs).

Use the right digital tools

Look, Google’s business intelligence

This free platform, powered by Google Cloud, allows you to analyze the progress of any business data. The creation of dashboards and reports is simplified, thus facilitating strategic decision-making. You have access to reliable data and create comprehensive reports. Set up personalized applications according to trades.

Channable, the automatic product catalog synchronization

This paid tool makes it easier flow management of data and automates SEA and social ads campaigns. Import your product catalog and then access its multicast on more than 2500 sales and marketing channels (Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Facebook Shops, Google Shopping, etc.).

Totango, the personalization of the customer journey

This agile freemium software is an all-in-one platform that allows you to measure the health value of your customers (commitment view), have a customer data hub (connect data flows to get a unique customer profile ), to segment or even define the target group automated workflows.

Minimum, competition and price analysis

With this paid solution you can analyze the competition and know in real time the prices in force in a given market. The intuitive dashboard provides a clear overview of current trends. The tool allows you to monitor competitor stocks. The automatic price update examines distribution channels and newly launched products.

Nurture a digital culture

How to create new channels Increase sales and at the same time meet growing customer requirements? Many CIOs face this problem on a daily basis. Organizations are going digital quickly and at scale without always maintaining a digital culture. However, they need to integrate it into their practice and deeply adapt their organizational processes.

By digital culture we mean the use of new technologies (social networks, instant messaging platforms, collaboration tools and connected objects) within an organization. It’s more than a question of tools, it’s a question Way of thinking. In order to make the digital transformation successful, the company must ensure that every employee participates in the digital culture.

What are the advantages of digital culture for a company? ?

  • strengthening online presence;
  • improve its image;
  • foster innovation and creativity;
  • Ensure constant internal development;
  • Win new markets and new customers;
  • Attract new talent using the latest tools and methods.
  • Increase productivity and optimize ROI.

Data is business gold today. But how do you then inform all employees, including those who are not networked? Thanks to the’Application mobile internet ! Deploy a technological solution that is both modern and efficient, downloadable on Android and iOS. Enjoy a simplified back office by centralizing your content and messaging on a single platform.

Increasing productivity and performance, developing new solutions and innovations: Digital transformation is of the utmost importance for all companies today. While the digital market is estimated at almost 61 billion euros in 2022, social networks* would be the most important communication channel for companies. These are also one of the keys to a successful digital transformation.

*Source: Ipsos study 2022 among 700 companies in the retail sector in France.

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