4 tools to test web writing

4 tools to test web writing

Today, in 2023, more than 52% of companies will use AI to generate content! What is meant to be an overview of the enthusiasm for tools based on artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of web writing?

Why use AI in web writing?

In a world where tools like ChatGPT or Midjourney are becoming more and more popular, it has become essential to be up to date on AI-based technologies to be able to use them in daily activities.Web Marketing Training

While web writing initially saw AI as a real threat, the balance is gradually shifting in favor of AI. It is increasingly perceived as a tool to significantly streamline the editor’s work.

The advantages are numerous:

  • Save time and productivity thanks to the execution speed of the AI, which can write articles in seconds!
  • Support in the form of ideas, inspiration or even sentences when you don’t know what to write.
  • By improving the quality of articles, IA allows for quick and effective detection of potential errors.

On the business side, however, the results are rather positive: 19% of them were able to improve their marketing strategy thanks to the use of AI tools for content writing. There are three types:

  • text prediction AIs;
  • text editors;
  • text generators.

So which AI-powered writing tools should you try, or at least know about?

This chatbot with 200 million OpenAI users needs no introduction! It is THE reference in terms of AI content generator tool. It has continued to break popularity records around the world since its launch in November 2022. Based on the powerful GPT language model, ChatGPT and content marketing go hand in hand. It allows you to generate content instantly from user requests or prompts.

In the field of web writing, he can contribute to the writing of articles, social media posts and descriptions. And that’s not all: ChatGPT can even help you come up with content ideas, suggest keywords related to your article or title, translate texts or provide the information you are looking for.

However, one should keep in mind that this tool is not yet perfect and still has some limitations. Don’t rely too much on ChatGPT when writing your articles!

Web writing with artificial intelligence

1.fr combines fluidity and efficiency. Based on GPT, it is the ideal tool for your article writing needs of all kinds, including SEO. With an elegant user interface, it is easy to use and perfect for all audiences.

To use it, you must first specify your needs in terms of the AI ​​services you need: for example, writing or providing a list of keywords. Then you pass your query containing the subject to the tool (as a question). Then a pre-optimized text provided by 1.fr should be displayed on the interface.

When designing 1.fr, the developers wanted to create an intelligent writing assistant. And it turns out: The tool provides an optimization factor for each article as well as a list of keywords to improve the ranking of the article in search engines.

Web writing with artificial intelligence

Are you looking for an effective AI content generation tool? Copy.ai is a freemium software launched in 2020 that has quickly conquered content creators. This is especially a boon for marketing teams looking to write quality digital content, be it landing pages, social media ads, or even product descriptions and more.

One of the main benefits of Copy.ai is time savings, especially for editorial and marketing teams. In fact, it allows them to generate text in various formats in seconds, without prior research or keyword identification. Therefore, Copy.ai offers great help especially for professionals who need to produce large amounts of content.

The tool also allows users to input their goals and preferences to create text that matches the request and meets the user’s expectations. For example, the user can specify whether he prefers the text for advertising or purely informational purposes, and in return the app then selects the most suitable text structure.

Web writing with artificial intelligence

If you’re used to ChatGPT but tired of the parent company’s limited access, Chatsonic can offer a great alternative besides using it for free. Just like the chatbot developed by OpenAI, it generates content from user-written prompts.

Aside from writing blog posts, SEO-oriented content, ads, etc., Chatsonic can also provide real-time insights through the resources offered by Google Knowledge Graph. Its peculiarity? Understand and respond to voice prompts like Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana. Note that the user interface is available in French.

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