How to remember all your passwords in one click

How to remember all your passwords in one click

The citizen of 2023 has become a digital being who uses his cell phone or computer to carry out multiple daily actions.

Work, leisure or relationships are present through these devices, through personalized and individualized tools with access limited to a single user.

These types of programs or applications require a reminder every time we want to access them.

What’s the password? A doubt that has arisen on more than one occasion, as more and more private spaces require a level of protection.

Just like other basic needs in the digital age, there are tools that solve the problemthrough a function to save your credentials and therefore not have to re-enter them every time.

The use of a password manager application is increasingly common among all public profiles, as there is a clear increase in sites where it is required.

Email accounts, Netflix, credit card, personal area in a training center and a long list of applications that require private keys.

The programs themselves recommend not using the same password for all spaces, but remembering each of the usernames and passwords is a mental exercise that doesn’t always go well.

In this context, resort to a password manager, such as NordPass It’s a very practical decision.

Regard an application that encrypts and saves user logins, so that it reminds you every time you want to log in to a certain program or use a tool that requires personalized passwords.

It is an encrypted and completely safe space, since at this point its essence and functionality are born.

It also has the function of creating secure passwords, which you then use to access sites.

With just one click the login forms are completed and the person does not have to fill in all the fields every time they want to log in.

Maximum safety

These types of programs use mathematical formulas, called encryption algorithms, to achieve the highest level of security.

In this way the user changes the tendency to always use the same password, which facilitates account theft and access by unauthorized persons. Each space has a different code, which is highly safe and secure.

password security

This system is, clearly, much more secure than writing down all your passwords in a notebook or in a document from Google Docs or another similar platform.

The user only needs to remember one of the keys, the one that gives access to the safe where all accesses are encrypted.

The advantage of NordPass services, a point of reference in this service, is that it allows this Unlimited number of passwords and synchronization of all across different devices.

It’s common for us to use both our mobile phone and computer to access a specific space, so having the assurance that access is encrypted on both is very reassuring.

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