How to add a punchline to BtoB Marketing and corporate communications and BtoB

How to add a punchline to BtoB Marketing and corporate communications and BtoB

The world of BtoB is often considered serious and formalL. He is focused on the technical characteristics and specifications of products or services. However, to stand out and grab the attention of potential customers, it’s essential to incorporate punchlines into your strategy.

How to fascinate from the first second?

Marketers regularly share innovative ideas on how to enhance BtoB by adding more impactful elements. They highlight the importance of captivating and engaging the audience from the first seconds. The use of powerful and memorable cues such as puns, humor or bizarre images is therefore essential. Numerous advertising campaigns have therefore made it possible to change the way we look at BtoB by giving them a more comical and original tone.

We cite for example those of BPI, CCI and KILOUTOU:

Humor and creativity in the BtoB field are essential. This, in fact, allows us to break the codes, think outside the box and change the too serious image that we can often associate with BtoB and everything related to it. This is why it is important to use metaphors, analogies or anecdotes to make the message more lively and captivating. The goal is to create an emotional experience among customers, in order to encourage brand loyalty and generate deeper interest and therefore a stimulus to action.

The effect is immediate, in fact, there are more reactions from potential customers. However, the punchline is not mandatory and should not be used without real meaning. It must be accompanied by images, concrete contents, materials and must not disappoint in other aspects of its communication, “Form does not replace substance”. This is confirmed by Matthieu Fischer, associate director of Aressy, the marketing agency dedicated to Epoka’s BtoB. Furthermore, the excessive use of puns or inappropriate expressions can, on the contrary, damage the message. This can make it inappropriate and therefore discredit the company.

What’s a good formula to adopt to make an impact while remaining serious?

The key to communicating with a punchline is adaptation. You need to know your target audience and adapt the language and tone of your speech accordingly. For example, a good formula simplifies complex information into simple answers or translates product features into tangible benefits.

Should we develop on social networks?

The use of social networks has become an important and essential axis. Only they are a means that allows you to establish direct relationships to strengthen the visibility of the brand. They are an ideal space to multiply messages by shifting approaches and hooks. The carousel format on LinkedIn, for example, lets you create a series of structured messages that appear as you scroll.

Other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or Twitch can also be used to gain visibility, with humor and to demonstrate the brand’s complicity with its target. However, it is necessary to adapt and vary the contents depending on the target and the networks. Don’t “copy and paste”.

Cas Customer:

Skilliance is a business software publisher recognized in Europe that has been supporting distributors of cars, motorcycles, campers and agricultural machinery with connected, innovative and adapted solutions for many years. The company has imagined “e-data voice”, a business solution intended for dealers, aimed at knowing and using customer data to then implement and manage a marketing strategy.

This innovative solution is based on several phases:

  • data recovery
  • centralization of data
  • customer knowledge
  • call the customer file

The date :

Data recovery to provide to resellers is a great advantage. In fact, today, brands are the only ones with this data. This solution will therefore allow you to better implement and better meet customer expectations.

To “wake up” retailers and alert them to these ongoing changes, a series of images and slogans have been put in place to attract them. They are based on concrete use cases to transform a disadvantage into an advantage and thus respond to preconceived ideas.

An emerging and ambitious approach, in tune with the concerns of a sector in the midst of reinventing its model. And a tone that breaks with the very functional discourse of other technological players in vehicle distribution.

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