How to rank my website on Google 2023

How to rank my website on Google 2023

Do you want to position your website in the first positions of Google? In this post you will see it with practical actions and examples how to rank my website on google.

For place a web page on Google There are a number of key strategies to achieve this, which can help us have a recurring and stable organic traffic flow. But getting to the top spots on Google is no easy task. But it’s not impossible either.

Therefore, in this article, I want to show you How to rank my website on Google for free following some essential actions when working on the positioning of a website.

How to rank my website on Google

Some essential actions when working on web positioning are:

1) Do some keyword research

Before you start creating blog content for your website, it’s important that you do a thorough analysis keyword researchthe famous “Keyword research” that so many SEO professionals talk about and recommend.

Use to search by keyword professional tools AS:

  • He Google Keyword Planner (free), to get ideas and analyze the competition for each keyword.
  • SEMrush (paid), great tool to do good keyword research. It’s my favorite platform.
  • Ahrefs (for a fee), similar to the previous one and very interesting for the part of the links.
  • Dinorank (for a fee)another interesting tool similar to Semrush and Ahrefs, with less data but much cheaper and accessible to all.

For exampleif your website offers web design services in Barcelona and you do a search in one of these tools, they will tell you that some relevant keywords for your website could be:

  • “web design Barcelona”, “web design agency in Barcelona”, “web design company in Barcelona” “web designer in Barcelona”, among others.

keyword research with semrush

2) Optimize the SEO of your website

One of the most effective strategies to achieve place the website on Googleis to work the SEO On a website. They are optimization techniques applied directly to the pages of your website to improve their visibility and position on Google.

Some SEO techniques further important son:

  • Optimize the titles of the pages;
  • Optimize the goal descriptions of the contents;
  • Strategically incorporate your own target keywords in all of your content and in the H1, H2 and H3.
  • optimized the structure of your URLsshort and contain keywords.

For exampleyou need to include the main keyword in the title of each page and that the meta descriptions are captivating and persuasive to entice users to click on the search results.

optimize SEO on web pages

Also, use headings (H1, H2, H3) to organize and highlight your content, including relevant keywords.

3) Create high quality content

He content is the king in the world of SEO. Google values ​​informative, engaging, and original content that provides value to users.

If you consistently create high-quality content that meets the needs and interests of your target audience, you’ll gain authority in your industry and drive more organic traffic to your website.

For exampleIf you have a healthy recipe blog, make sure you create original, informative and engaging content with unique recipes and relevant nutrition advice.

create quality content on the topic of your website

Use keywords related to your topic in the content naturally, avoiding keyword stuffing. Also, include relevant images, videos, and internal links to enrich your content.

4) Generate high quality links

Los External Linkor backlinks, are links from other websites that point to your web pages and it is one of the most important factors for a website to rank on Google.

Getting high-quality links from reputable websites can significantly improve your website’s visibility on Google.

For generate high quality linksyou can implement various strategies, such as For example:

  • Write articles as a guest in reference blogs.
  • Participate in industry forums.
  • Going out on lists of top blogs in your niche.
  • Contact professionals in your industry to exchange links (this should be wise, as too many can penalize your website).
  • Use infographics in your content and share them on Pinterest (so that other people add that infographic to their articles and link to the original post, yours).

generate links with infographics

In this example, this blog took an infographic from one of my articles and included it in their article by adding a link to the original article, mine. In other words, 1 free link.

5) Optimize the loading speed of your website

THE loading speed of your website it’s another important factor for ranking on Google since users expect pages to load quickly (if they don’t, they leave your site), so optimizing the performance of your website is crucial.

Some actions to improve loading speed from the website:

  • Use tools like PageSpeed ​​Insights or Gmetrix to know that you should work on your website to improve the loading speed.

PageSpeed ​​Insights

  • Reduce the size of your images without compromising their quality (you can use a tool like TinyPNG).
  • Use caching tools to temporarily store elements of your website and speed up their loading.
  • Minimize the page code.
  • Use reliable and quality hosting.

For example, I really like the Hosting of Raiola Network, is in Spanish and they are super fast in fixing my websites problems. 100% recommended.

OPTIMIZED VPS SERVER - Raiola Networks hosting

Here is a 20% discount for my blog readers with this hosting

6) Improve user experience

Other factors that are more important to Google are user experience and usually rewards websites that offer easy and pleasant navigation to users.

Some actions to improve the user experience son:

  • The website must be easy to navigate.
  • Have a clear structure and accessible information.
  • Use a clean and attractive design, avoid using elements that make it difficult to read or interact with the site (you can use WordPress templates).
  • The website must be mobile-friendly (a must these days) as most visits come from mobile devices.

Mobile-friendly test

To find out if your website is mobile-friendly, use the tool mobile-friendly test the Google.

7) Use internal links

Los internal links They are links that link different pages within your website. If you use them strategically to guide users through your content and to help search engines better understand your site’s structure, you can greatly improve your website’s ranking.

How to use them? WELL by adding links to other related posts in your articles and that offer additional information related to the subject of those articles.

For exampleIf you talk about the importance of web design in Barcelona in an article, you can include an internal link to your web design services in Barcelona page to provide more information to readers.

8) Use high quality media

In addition to the text, you can “and you should” include multimedia content in your articles such as images, infographics and videos relevant to your content.

This small action will enrich the user experience with content, help increase interaction and reach on social networks, which can generate more visibility and links to your website

How to make an infographic step by step

examples of multimedia content within the article

9) Ranking for long tail keywords

If you wish rank the web in Google one of my best tips is to stick long tail keywords, i.e. longer keywords with 5-10 words.

Since long tail keywords are more specific and usually have less competition i.e. they are easier to rank for since they don’t have as much competition and also attract more interested users who are more likely to convert.

Ways to find long-tail keywords:

  • Use keyword analysis tools to uncover these opportunities, such as Semrush, Dinorank or Ahrefs.

find long tail keywords with semrush

For exampleIf I search Semrush for the keyword “Digital Marketing”, I get long-tail keywords like “best digital marketing books” “digital marketing agency in Albacete” “web positioning and digital marketing in search engines”, etc.

As you can see they are words that have searches and are easier to place, the KD is very low.

10) Implement schema markup in your content

Contour markup, also known as schema.orgis an HTML tag code that helps search engines better understand the content of your website and display it prominently in search results.

By implementing relevant schema markup, such as reviews, recipes, articles, news, events, or products, you can increase your chances of appearing in featured features and rich snippets on Google.

Google search on digital content agency featured snippets

Inside Example abovefor Google search “what is a digital content agency” A highlighted snippet appears with the text of my article, the post image and the title with the 0 Google url.

you can use the tool Try advanced results Google to see if your page can generate rich snippets.

And with this technique I conclude this guide How to rank my website on Google.


There are many other strategies and actions you can take to improve your site’s ranking in search engines, but I think that with these 10 actions you already know how to rank a web page on Google and if you implement them you will undoubtedly see results.

Of course, keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing process and requires constant time and effort. Don’t think about implementing these actions today and tomorrow you will see the results. It is not so. But if you implement them well, I assure you that within months you will see significant improvements.

Did you know all these actions to position your website on Google? What others would you recommend?

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