BeReal What is it, what is it for and how does it work?

BeReal What is it, what is it for and how does it work?

When social networks have invaded our privacy and filled the contents with filters, it arrives Be real break the rules and bet on authenticity.

If you hate the good old days of social networking and love the spontaneity of TikTok, this could be your new channel of expression. In this post we tell you how it was born, what makes it different and how to use it. Are you staying to read it?

What is BeReal and how does this anti-network work?

BeReal is an application that encourages users to do this share pictures of what they are doing in real time.

At an unfamiliar time of day you get a notification. This is the time to make your BeReal. You also have the option to do it later, but you lose some advantages that we will see.

Also, one of its peculiarities is that you won’t be able to see other people’s publications until you publish yours. Nothing to “follow” (see others), if you haven’t published before.

Another is that you have two cameras, one “selfie” or front and one rear, so that it reflects the total context of the moment.

The publications they cannot be modified with filters, nor can they be programmed because what is sought is “to be true”, spontaneous and authentic in front of others.

This anti-network was created in France in December 2019 by Alexis Barreyat, but reached its peak popularity in mid-2022. Since then it hasn’t stopped growing in Europe and across America.

The success of its formula is that it is completely contrary to other social networks, which show the “good side” of each user, the best moment of the day or his best face, thanks to the action of the filters.

BeReal features What makes it different?

BeReal’s philosophy is not to accumulate likes, hearts or photos saved by others. They’re going against the tide, and to row in that direction they’ve created an app with different features:

1. There is no set time to post

For starters, you don’t decide when to upload a photo. It’s BeReal.

Just once a day, randomly, notify all users that it’s time to post a photo, with this message: ⚠️It’s time for BeReal ⚠️. Everyone’s photos are uploaded at once.

To motivate users, if you publish at the time of notification, you unlock two more BeReals.

2. Two minutes to take your photo

Bereal notification

In this application you don’t have time to prepare the perfect setting, nor to review your hair. Since the notice comes You have 2 minutes to take and upload your photo.

This time margin guarantees the reality of the image.

3. Reality is the sum of your environment and you

The photo to be published is composed of two images: one is what the rear camera of your mobile does and the other the front one. When you take a photo from behind, the app automatically takes a selfie of you at that moment.

How does Bereal work?

And before you send your photo, choose whether you want the whole world to see it or just your friends.

4. Unfiltered reality

We have already told you before that this app it has no filters or editors.

It also doesn’t allow you to access photos from your gallery or use an external editor. And it wouldn’t make sense to do it, when you see that everyone else is looking for naturalness, to capture the moment.

5. Everyone will know that you don’t upload your photo at the right moment: the Late BeReal

If you decide not to upload the photo at the time indicated by BeReal, you can do it at another time. The app calls it “a Late” and has a notification attached which tells others that you uploaded the photo at another time and how much time has passed between the general notice and your image.

Doubt is already sown, could you really not have taken the picture when everyone did or did you go looking for the best setting?

6. If you don’t post, you can’t see others

Another of the characteristics that differentiate this anti-network is that it is unique you can see other people’s photos when you upload your own.

If you participate, you can see. If you don’t, you don’t have access to other users’ reality. No more voyeurism, BeReal is about participation.

7. Take time to comment

When you see photos of your friends and other users who have posted them in the open, you have the ability to comment on them or take a picture and send it as a reaction. This is called RealMoji.

And there are only six basic emojis. The rest you create with a photo. For example, one with the thumb pointing down.

Own reactions to Bereal

It also does not have the function that allows you to send private messages.

8. Duration of photos

The photo you post today will be active for 24 hours in your feed. Then it disappears, so you don’t spend hours looking at old images.

Today you spend time just getting to know the people you care about. But you have the option of sharing your photo by message or on other social networks where they remain fixed, such as Instagram or Twitter.

9. Unique challenge

Some days, the the social network launches a unique challenge. You will never know what it is or when it will happen. Thus, uploading a photo becomes a more enjoyable experience.

And it also shares location (although it can be turned off), so that day you can see on a map where the person you are interested in is.

10. Very simple interface

The application has only two sections: My friendsfrom where you see the applications of your friends and contacts e Discoveryfrom where you can discover photos of other users and ask them for friendship.

Taking into account all these characteristics, it can be deduced that BeReal is a social network —even if its principles go against existing ones— and it is not useful to show, for example, a creative process or the preparation of a recipe.

Focusing on people not objects, and since there are no videos or programs, it serves no purpose in promoting a shop or conducting business through it.

11. Connects with Spotify

You can now connect your account with Spotify and share the music you are listening to at the moment of your BeReal.

Where to start? Create your BeReal account step by step

Creating an account on Be Real is not complicated. You just need a mobile phone, an internet connection and a couple of free minutes to perform the following steps:

1. Access the application repository

If you have an iPhone, open the Apple Store and, if you have another smartphone, Google Play.

2. Find BeReal

Write in the search engine “BeReal” and you already have the download option.

3. Download the app

Download the application. This will take very little time, including the analysis of the question.

4. Create an account

To become a user, it asks you for your full name, phone number, date of birth and alias.

5. Verify your account

After entering your data, you will receive a code on your mobile which you will have to enter.

6. Allow notifications

We advise you to accept them, in order not to miss the daily notice in which you can post.

7. Grant permissions

The app will ask you for the necessary permissions, such as access to your location and camera.

8. Show your royal side

You just have to wait for the moment when the app tells you it’s time to upload a photo.

9. Increase your reach

If you want more reach, add him to all your contacts and share your stories.

10. Enjoy this anti-network

Now you just have to enjoy this network, this atypical network, and if you comply you will have a curious logbook.

The 5 most frequently asked questions about BeReal that you should know

So that you have no doubts, these are the most frequently asked questions that arise around this network.

1. Is it possible to delete a BeReal?

If after a couple of hours of publication you want to delete your photo, for example, you just have to insert it, press the three vertical dots and choose the Delete option.

2. Can I know what time my BeReal will play?

No, nobody knows what time of day the app will let you know it’s time to take a picture.

And this is the basis of this social network, that you don’t have time to prepare and everything looks as natural as possible.

3. Can localization be disabled in BeReal?

You can and we recommend you do so, for your security and privacy, as this application works in real time.

4. Who can see my posts?

You decide who will see your photo when you upload it to the app. You can choose that only your contacts or all users see it.

5. How long does a BeReal last?

A post lasts 24 hours, then it is automatically removed from the view of others. However, you can see all of your photos in your library, which you can access by going to My Memories.


The most real social network promotes naturalness, authentic links between people and the protection of mental health.

Created with its own characteristics, it is not yet widely used in marketing and it is necessary to safeguard security, since publishing in real time makes it easier to locate you.

BeReal is more than a social network, it is a way of understanding relationships through technology. Will it continue to grow or will we return to social networks that opt ​​for filters?

Do you think BeReal will make us interact with each other in a more realistic way?

Tell us about your experience with this anti-social network.

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