How to pay with your iPhone?

How to pay with your iPhone?

What is Apple Pay?

Launched in 2014 in the United States and two years later in France, Apple Pay is a mobile, dematerialized and contactless payment solution, developed by the Cupertino company. Allows you, from eligible Apple devices, to make a payment in a store, on a website or in a partner app by pressing the side or main button on your device, depending on whether it is equipped with Touch ID or Face ID (see below).

“Accepted on millions of websites and apps”, Apple specifies, this dematerialized payment service is integrated by default. To use it, simply add a credit, debit, or prepaid card in the Cards app, then make your payment at a platform that offers this payment method, or at a partner store that highlights the Apple Pay logo in your window or on your boxes. On the solution presentation pagethe company reminds that no additional fees are charged during a purchase, and that “your identity and bank card number are never communicated to companies, nor are they stored on your device or on Apple servers”.

How do I add a card to Apple Pay?

To add a card (debit, credit, prepaid, food vouchers, etc.) to your iPhone you will have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Maps app,
  • Click on the icon + located in the upper right corner,
  • Go ahead Credit card to add a new card,
  • Click on continue,
  • Scan your bank card using the camera or enter the data manually (card number, CVC, expiration date),
  • Check the data displayed on the screen and possibly add the missing information,
  • Accept the General Conditions of Use,
  • Finish the procedure by clicking Next.

On a Mac with Touch ID or an iPad, you need to go to the app Settings (either System settings on Mac), then on Cards and Apple Pay, then follow the steps that appear on the screen. To set up the payment solution on an Apple Watch, you need to go to the Watch app on your paired iPhone and then click Cards and Apple Pay inside the tab My watch.

The bank card can be scanned with the camera. © BDM Assembly

How to pay with an iPhone or Apple Watch in store?

Once your map has been integrated into the Maps app (or Walletsin English), simply go to a partner store that displays one of these symbols. So the payment procedure depends on the model of your iPhone:

iPhone X or later (Face ID)

To use your card with a device equipped with Face ID, it’s very simple:

  • Double press the side button on your iPhone,
  • Authenticate with Face ID or enter your secret code,
  • Select the appropriate card,
  • Bring the top of your device closer to the payment terminal.

Note: If you have an Apple Watch, the procedure is identical. Simply click the side button twice and then bring your watch closer to the contactless reader.

iPhone 6 to iPhone 8 (Touch ID)

For older models, but equipped with Touch ID, the procedure is similar:

  • Press the home button on your iPhone twice,
  • Choose a card,
  • Bring the top of your iPhone closer to the contactless reader.

How do I pay with Apple Pay on a website or app?

As noted above, online transactions through Apple Pay can only be made if the option is offered on the site or app. To pay, simply choose Apple Pay as your payment method, enter your shipping and billing information as you normally would, and then start the checkout process.

Afterwards, you will be asked to repeat the same procedure as in the store on your device, that is, press the side or main button of your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch twice and then identify yourself. If you want to make this payment from a Mac equipped with Touch ID, “follow the instructions on the Touch Bar and place your finger on the Touch ID sensor”, explains Apple. Once the payment has been made, a validation should appear on the screen.

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