How to Download Instagram Reel Audio: 5 Foolproof Tricks

How to Download Instagram Reel Audio: 5 Foolproof Tricks

The next time you’re scrolling through Instagram Reels looking for inspiration for your own video content, what do you do when you come across an audio you love and want to reuse?

There are several ways to save or download audio clips from Instagram Reels to reuse later. In this article, we’re going to go over five foolproof tricks to either download your favorite audio clips or save them for later.

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Can you Download Audio from Instagram Reels?

The short answer? Yes.

The long answer is that you have to use external tools to do this – Instagram itself doesn’t support the ability to download audio directly from an Instagram roll.

However, the process itself is still simple enough. You can either download audio from Instagram and save it on your device or save audio to your Instagram account for later reuse.

How to Download Instagram Reel Audio

If you want to download an audio clip from an Instagram roll and save it on your device, there are four ways to do it.

1. Use a third-party Reels audio download tool

There are a number of third-party websites that can help you download Reels audio files for free using the video link. Some of them are:

Here are the steps to follow no matter which tool you choose.

1. Select the reel audio you want to download. This can be a catchy song that you think could go with one of your videos, or a trending sound clip that you want to use for future content.

Here’s one we picked from Visme, using the Owen Wilson “Wow” compilation.

2. Tap the share icon on the right. It looks like one paper airplane.

Share icon on the right side of the Instagram reel

3. press the copy link Option at the bottom of the pop-up screen.


If you’re doing this on desktop, just open the reel and copy and paste the URL into the browser box. In addition, if you have an iPhone and a Mac/MacBook, you can connect the two so that the URL you copied from your phone can be easily pasted on your computer.

4. Paste the link into your favorite Instagram Reel audio downloader tool. We’ll be using Reel Saver, but they all work pretty much the same.

Reel Saver Instagram to mp3

5. press the Download Button to extract the audio file from the reel. Reel Saver gives you the option to play the audio file before you click Download 1 Button.

Download button to extract the audio file from the roll

You have now downloaded the audio clip to your device.

With Reel Saver it will be downloaded as an M4A file. Other tools offer download in MP3 format. Make sure you choose the right tool for your needs.

2. Use a video to mp3 converter

There are several video to mp3 converter tools that you can use for this method as well:

There are also iPhone and Android apps that you can download and complete the whole process on your phone.

Follow the steps below to download Instagram Reels audio using this method.

1. Select the Instagram role you want to download. We’ll use this example from our own Instagram, which uses a trending audio clip:

2. Download the reel to your device. To do this, follow similar steps as last time – tap on the paper airplane share icon on the right. But this time you will type Add to story.

Copy Link / Add to Story button

3. Save the story on your phone. Tap the three dots icon and then tap Save on computer Option to download the video to your device.

Save the story to download the video to the device

4. Convert the video to an MP3 audio file. You can either send the video file to your computer or download an app on your phone to do the conversion.

We AirDrop the saved video to our device to use the conversion tool. Select or drag your file onto the Choose files Section.

Convert video to mp3 for free

Then click Convert to convert the file (or files if you are converting several at once) to an MP3 audio file.

Convert file option

You can then click Download next to your newly converted file.

Download conversion results

You now have the MP3 file that you can add to a video in your favorite video editing tool.

3. Change the file extension

This method can be done on an Android smartphone device or on a computer. You essentially just change the file extension at the end of the file from a video extension to an audio extension. This will change the format of the file and turn it into an audio file.

Follow these steps to complete this action from your Android device.

1. Download the reel to your smartphone by following the same steps we outlined in the last method – tap on it to add it to your story, then save it from there.

2. Navigate to the file on your smartphone. These are located in the Files by Google app on your Android device.

3. Long tap on the video to select it and access additional settings. Tap on the icon with the three marked dots More.

Icon with three dots labeled More

4. Beat Rename in the pop-up menu. Then remove the “MP4” extension and replace it with “MP3”.

Rename file Replace the mp4 extension with mp3

You will then have an audio file on your phone that you can use to add to your Instagram Reels and other videos.

To do this, do the following on your desktop.

1. Download the video using a tool on your computer or send it to your computer from your phone.

2. Open your Finder to access the newly downloaded video. Right-click the file and click Rename from the drop down menu.

Rename option in Finder

3. Remove the file extension “MP4” or “MOV” and change it to “MP3”. The file is converted to an audio file.

remove mp4 or mov and switch to mp3

While these screenshots were taken on a MacBook, the process is the same on a PC. Just open your file manager, find the Instagram role and rename it to change the file extension.

4. Use VlogNow video editor

You can also use the VlogNow or VN Video Editor app on your phone. With this tool, you can instantly add audio from an Instagram reel to your own video. Download the app for either iPhone or Android to get started, then follow the steps below.

1. Download Instagram Reel by following the method that we have shown you before.

2. Record the video you want to publish in your own reels. Then open the VN Video Editor app and tap + icon in the lower right corner. Tap the New project Button to open your video from your camera roll.

New project of VN Video Editor App

3. After opening your video in the app, tap Tap to add music Line below the timeline editor.

Tap to add music

4. Beat Music under the insertion pop-up that appears, then go to My music Tab.

Music button under Insert pop-up

my music tab

5. Tap the Excerpt from video and then select the Instagram Reel you downloaded from the videos in your camera roll. Add it to an album, open the album and tap Use next to the newly imported audio file.

Use the button next to the imported audio file

You can then save your new video and get it ready to upload to Instagram Reels!

How to save Instagram Reels audio to use later

All of the above methods involve downloading or extracting the audio to a device and then adding it to a video. However, you can also do all these tasks directly in the Instagram app.

Follow these steps to manage all your video creation right in Instagram.

1. Find the Instagram Reel audio that you want to reuse in your own video. In this example we use this audio clip from Casper:

2. Tap the audio name at the bottom of the screen, then tap Save on computer Icon in the upper right corner – it looks like a flag/bookmark. It changes from a black outline and a white glimpse to full black once you’ve successfully saved the audio.

Save icon next to audio

Remember that you can also type use audio when you have already finished your video or are ready to record. Saving it keeps it safe for later so you can easily come back to it.

3. Go to your saved folder on Instagram. You can access it by tapping on your profile and tapping Hamburger menu (three parallel lines) and then tap Rescued. You have a folder for “All Posts” and a separate folder for “Audio”.

saved media audio and all posts

4. Open the Audio folder, then tap the audio file to open it. You can type from here use audio when you are ready to create your video.

Using this method is great if you do a lot of brainstorming for your Instagram Reels strategy and want to save multiple audio files for later use.

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