Everything marketers need to know about Instagram Stories Analytics

Everything marketers need to know about Instagram Stories Analytics

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Person using an Android smartphoneUndoubtedly, the reason why Instagram has become so important in our daily lives is due to the introduction of Instagram Stories. According to Social Bakers, they are used by 300 million people worldwide every day. So, if you want to increase your views and engagement on this channel, you need to check your Instagram Story Analytics account thoroughly.

Monitoring the results of your stories is essential to get an overview

To access analytics for your Instagram posts or articles, you must first change your Instagram account to a business profile. To do this, simply go to your settings.

Once you set up your business profile, you can access all Instagram analytics by going to your Insights section. To find it, go to the profile section and click the “Stats” icon in the top right.

The essential data to properly analyze your stories

throws and impressions

These two dates must not be confused.

  • Reach shows you the number of unique visits for each frame in the story.
  • Impressions indicate the total number of views. If your impressions exceed your expectations, you’ll find that some people have read posts more than once.

This information reflects the actual size of your audience. If your reach is shrinking over time, it means your audience is becoming less and less receptive to your posts. It can therefore make sense to rethink your content strategy. You can then experiment with multiple strategies and compare the results you get. For example, consider using all the features that Instagram provides to increase visibility.

completion rate

Outside of reach and impressions, Instagram tells you the completion rate and lets you see how viewers are engaging with your stories.

With the Stories feature it is possible to post a series of images or videos. It is therefore possible that several people have returned to the previous screen or left your story out of disinterest.

The completion rate tells you:

  • Return message : the number of times a viewer clicked on the left side of their screen to check the previous story. A sign that can show that the screen has aroused interest.
  • Following : The number of times a viewer clicked on the right side of their screen to go to the next post in your story.
  • Next story: Number of people who have decided to switch to another account’s story. This data can be negative because it means viewers have grown tired of your story. This is a good metric to consider in order to optimize the length of your posts and avoid chaining too many screens.
  • Give up: Number of people who stopped watching their stories after viewing your content. Leaving is not necessarily negative and may simply mean that the person has run out of time to perhaps return to work. You might even pick up the story later today.


Engagement lets you see how many users actually engaged with your content. With Instagram Analytics, you can see how many viewers have replied to your stories or clicked on a link.

  • Response: This tells you how many people have replied to your story. These replies appear directly in your private inbox, so unlike comments on IGTV, they are not publicly viewable.
  • See more: This tells you how many people swiped up to see the direct link you provided. This feature is available to you if your profile has more than 10,000 subscribers.

Make a note of the stories that brought the most viewers to your link so you can repeat the strategy later. For example, if your “See More” ad is generally weak, encourage your audience to click the link more often by including reminders in your stories: plain text, arrows, graphics, GIFs. People won’t click on your link if they don’t know it exists.

Hashtags and stickers

Engagement and audience can also be increased through hashtags and interactive stickers: polls, quizzes, questions, etc.

Note that the use of hashtags is highly recommended to reach new audiences. In fact, your story could be visible to a non-subscriber thanks to searching stories by hashtags.

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