How to do surveys on YouTube

How to do surveys on YouTube
How to do surveys on YouTube?

Surveys on social networks, for example on instagramThey are a great way to generate interactions with your community. And on the video platform you can also take advantage of them to increase this metric.

Here we tell you everything about these questionnaires.

How to do surveys on YouTube

The YouTube polls They are a type of content that allows you to publish a questionnaire on a specific topic so that users can give their opinion.

This type of publication is made from the tab YouTube Communitywhere all the posts on your channel that are not a video are made.

So how to do surveys on YouTube?

  • Go to the tab Community of your channel.
  • In the part of ‘What are you thinking about?’ you have the survey options.
  • Choose the one you want from image, text or test survey.
  • Write the question you want to ask and add the necessary details according to the formatfor example images.
  • Leave the options What do you want users to choose?
  • Publish the program the survey for your YouTube channel.
how to do surveys on youtube

If the Community tab does not appear on your channel, it means that you have to activate access to advanced features: you have three options to activate this access, channel history, video verification or an eligible ID.

Types of surveys on YouTube

As you have seen in the previous section, you have several options to create surveys depending on your objectives:

  • Image surveys: where you can add a maximum of four images as options and also accompany them with text, up to 36 characters.
  • Surveys with text: They are surveys where you only share the text format, with five options and up to 65 characters per answer.
  • Proof: You have up to 4 answers of 85 characters each and you have to choose one that is correct.

Why use YouTube surveys

As you can see, creating surveys on YouTube is simple. That is why we recommend that you take advantage of this format to continue connecting with your audience and generate interactions through your content..

Remember to have the Community tab active to create these surveys.

  • Know the opinion of the users.

This is one of the common reasons for creating survey content: to know what both subscribers to your channel and users who come to your content think.

Use surveys to find out what people think about your videos, the length, the content or even the tone. In the end, they are the ones who will receive and watch your videos and what better way to measure their satisfaction than with a survey.

Polls are a super useful tool to create debate around a topic about your channel or the content you upload..

Furthermore, it is content that you can then resolve in a video: imagine that you launch a debate on how many videos it is advisable to publish per week. You can then respond to this debate in a video providing data and material of interest.

  • Create hype for your videos.

The test or questionnaire type of survey is interesting to use later in your videos.

For example, you can ask what the next video is going to be about to see who gets it right.. And even do raffles to reward user participation.

  • Increase your channel interactions.

Finally, surveys are another option to create content within your channel and that helps users participate more in your channel.

And the greater the diversity of content, the more options to interact, not only in videos, but in the Community tab.

You already know everything about how to do surveys on YouTube. Do you have any doubt? We read you in the comments!

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