How do I find information about a company?

Would you like to start a professional relationship with a new company or a new partner? First of all, it is important to find out about the essential information, in particular about solvency, the legal status and much more information. It is a necessity and even an obligation before taking the plunge. So the question is how to get information about a company.

The best solutions to get information about a company

Whether by duty or will, many companies make essential information about them available to the public. Various ways can actually help you access it such as the solutions suggested below.

About a platform

Already today there are several ways to get information about companies, for example via Coface. As a secure platform, Coface can help you find the information you really need about a company. Thanks to the various information services provided, it is possible to have access to a much more reliable database, to a comprehensive knowledge of the companies and to analyzes of markets, sectors of activity and countries than Coface. With all the information gained, you can get to know your partners well, choose your suppliers well, but also learn more about your competitors.

Via the company’s SIRET number

Gathering business intelligence is a crucial step that you should consider before making important decisions. As in several countries, the law therefore requires companies to submit information to the Registry of the Commercial Court on an annual basis. Whether a professional, company or individual, everyone can then consult these documents at any time according to their needs and this must be done on request. Thanks to the company’s SIRET number, which it receives when registering in the RCS (Trade and Companies Register), it is possible to find certain information such as the company’s capital, the place of its registered office, its activities, etc. Directors, its legal status and also important information, in particular on the ongoing court proceedings.

The importance of finding business information

There can be several reasons for finding information about a particular company. First, by gathering information about companies, you can make more confident decisions. Based on concrete information, a relationship with the respective company can be established more quickly. In order to learn more about a company, one must know its legal existence, check whether it is in liquidation or bankruptcy, or whether it is involved in other proceedings or not. It is even more important.

A company can opt for the principle of confidentiality on the most important elements that concern it, but transparency is always the ideal to go further. Then everyone can use this transparency to see more clearly.

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